How to remove cellulite in the abdomen?

Cellulite is quite common. This part of the female body maximally prone to spoil the appearance of "orange peel". The main reason for this predisposition is loose and big in comparison with other areas the thickness of the skin of the peritoneum. It is the skin of the abdomen most affected by the negative internal processes.

To a considerable extent the situation is exacerbated if there is a natural tendency to gain excess weight. Then the first to suffer the waist area. To get rid of cellulite at home, you need to minimize the negative impact of the triggering mechanism of the accumulating fat factors.

deforme cellulite

What caused the development of the disease?

Fertile ground for cellulite on the stomach becomes a sharp hormonal imbalance in the female body. Usually such processes occur in puberty, pregnancy, menopause.

Due to the leap in the level of estrogen is disrupted the skin's blood circulation, affects small vessels, which causes an insufficient supply of oxygen to the area of fat deposits. The consequence of these changes – cell death and the formation of the hardened fatty lumps, which form under the skin finely bumpy terrain.

Provoking the cellulite factors

Predisposing causes are:

  • Heredity.
  • Improper diet with a predominance in the diet of carbohydrates, animal fat, not enough fruit and vegetable dishes.
  • Lack of physical activity due to sedentary lifestyle.
  • Provoked by dysfunction of the adrenal glands or ovary hormonal disorders.
  • The abuse of Smoking, alcoholic drinks.
  • The sharp weight loss in the background diet or internal disease.
  • Violation of blood supply of tissues and organs.
  • Long stay in a stressful condition.

How to make tummy flat?

Diet. To remove cellulite, you first go on a special diet, making a daily diet in the following way:

  • Refuse use of harmful products in the form of ready-made store sauces, chips, mayonnaise, preserving, baking.
  • Include the predominance of cereals, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs. The maximum benefit is a salad leaf, watercress.
  • Every day eat eggs, dairy products, fish, choosing only low-fat varieties and types. Useful seafood cooked with a little olive oil.
Efficiens crimen cellulite

To get rid of cellulite correctly manage the water, eliminating the consumption of coffee, carbonated beverages, store-bought juices. Priority freshly squeezed house juices from fruits and vegetables (be sure to dilute with water), boil with finely chopped ginger green tea, mixed with water and lemon juice. Also provide for in home massage, performing gymnastics, beauty therapy in the form of wraps.

Massages cellulite.

This procedure is easy to clean the house, activating the work of the digestive system, ensuring rapid absorption of nutrients, skin tightening. With proper implementation of the massage action formed the "orange peel" quickly eliminated, reducing the swelling of tissues, increase the overall tone. To get rid of cellulite massage at home doing on an empty stomach, making gentle movements that warm up the tissues. Previously on the skin of the abdomen apply the cream. The total number of such sessions is about 10.

Anti-cellulite shower and bath.

Alternative manual procedure is water massage. To reduce the symptoms of disturbed metabolism in the form of "orange peel" helps contrast shower alternating hot and cold water. This restores blood circulation, the body free from toxins. Proven to help remove cellulite bath added to water, herbal decoctions, clay, sea salt.

Efficient charging of cellulite.

You need to give attention to a few useful exercises:

  • The load on the press in the form of twists.
  • Leg lifts in a prone position on the floor.
  • Leg swings, imitating the movement of scissors.
  • The rotation of the Hoop.

When choosing a Hoop for exercise, it is desirable to give preference to sports equipment, include providing anti-cellulite massage balls. In the end, will be able to combine two items aimed at restoring the harmony therapy.

To provide a more efficient fat burning and quickly remove the bumps can before a workout to put on the skin cream, and close the problem area zone for weight loss. Thanks to this addition will be able to create a special heat treatment on the abdomen, leading to increased blood flow and breakdown of fats. If you do not have a weight belt, you can replace it with cling film.

The use of scrubs and compositions for wraps.

To quickly remove cellulite and improve the skin condition, you can use ready-made mixes or make them at home, focusing on the following recipes:

  • With antioxidant properties of green tea are ground to a powder and pour boiling water to form a slurry. Added to the mixture of honey and cinnamon (half teaspoon), after which it immediately distributed, cover with foil, a warm blanket and leave for an hour and then wash off.
  • Table or Apple cider vinegar diluted half with water and the composition is impregnated cotton fabric is then wrapped the belly and flanks. On top of the wrap shut with cling film and a warm blanket.
  • Algae, rich in calcium and iodine, grind into powder and pour hot water to obtain a slurry. Then to the mixture add the chopped coriander, ginger, orange or grapefruit essential oil. Thanks to this wrap eliminates puffiness, improves the metabolism.
  • To quickly remove the bumps, natural coffee in bean medium grind connect with olive oil or cream of average fat content. After mixing, the composition is applied to the skin of the abdomen, performing light massage movements.
  • To prepare the scrub of cellulite you can use natural sea salt, which is used for massage by placing it in a small pouch.
Scrubs Usus et compositiones adligat


Remember the prevention of "orange peel":

  • It is important to follow a healthy lifestyle involves not Smoking, drinking alcohol.
  • Mandatory normalization of sleep (at night it is desirable to leave open the window).
  • Daily required Hiking.
  • If you are taking medications, their use should be agreed with your doctor.

To prevent cellulite (including abdominal) to the maximum abandon high heels, which can cause the slowing of blood flow in the foot and lack of blood flow to the heart muscle. In the end, impaired General circulation, which provokes the appearance of the disease. A similar effect provide too tight belts, corsets, skinny pants.

Another preventive measure is the correct posture that walk with to spread shoulders, with the exception of long stay in one position, the rejection of tilting one foot to the other when sitting. In addition, for each day plan moderate load to work out the abdominal muscles.

Like any other cosmetic defect that cellulite much easier to prevent than to get rid of it. But being fully prepared, it is possible to carry out therapy at home and to provide an effect which is not inferior to expensive salon treatments.