10 ways to lose weight in 30 days

Those who already have this truly bitter experience I know that it is one thing to lose more weight, and more, can be heavier to hold. After all, the more the initial weight, the faster and easier to lose a number of kilos. But the faster and easier those pesky pounds are back with a vengeance. As they say, is only drinking water and weight becomes even greater than it was before the process of weight loss. This is because the fastest out of the body water, and fat cells do not burn and are left in place, only slightly losing fluid. And at the first opportunity make up for lost moisture.

So, the fastest way to lose weight in 30 days.

Method 1. Determination to change your life

If you're still not ripe, you have nothing. You should, after all their suffering, to make a final and irrevocable decision to change your life for the better. After all, anyway, though with help, you will have to radically change food, habits, daily routine, physical activity. But ovchinka worth the candle. The new feeling of lightness that will give you your body, and delightfully — surprised looks familiar incomparable.

Method 2. Coding

Do not be afraid of this word. It's not so bad. Was all part of the same group as I am eager to lose. The session lasted about twenty minutes after two hours of conversation and explanation as the need to eat afterwards. I heard and understood. No one fell into a deep trance and did not demonstrate altered consciousness. The doctor, after relaxation, which lasted several minutes, were told that potatoes and bread — poisons, harming our body. And that's all. After that you go home to live a new life.

Method 3. Prohibited and products

The method consists in the fact that there are no diets. You are allowed to eat almost all foods, except prohibited, combining them at its discretion. The main thing — to force not to overeat, according to the old habit. As a result of encoding of the stomach is greatly diminished. But if its a few times heavily to overload, stretch, everything will return back.

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So, it is forbidden to eat in any form: bread, pasta, pastry, sugar, sweets, potatoes, rice, semolina, sausage, grapes.

All other products — you can. At the same time, on the day you need to consume up to eight grams of vegetables and fruits. Grains (two, three spoons uncooked) soup. It is recommended that the beans cook well in order to avoid unnecessary gassing. It is impossible to do without lean meat, fish, cheese and dairy products. Allowed a little vegetable oil and butter.

Method 4. How to cook

Forget about frying in a large amount of fat. All other types of cooking are welcome. Remember, as delicious, for example, baked in the oven or on the grill in foil fish with herbs and spices. Or the old way — on the bottle roast chicken — juicy and flavorful. However, it is not necessary to get carried away under the fried skin, though, and very tasty.

Cook, cook steamed, stew, bake, cook skewers (from lean meat and poultry). Everything except frying. Not so bad. Now you can buy a pan with a very thick bottom, in which you can fry almost without oil — in own juice.

Method 5. Eat often

Change your harmful diet, which has led to disastrous results. You can not have one two times a day. Too long between meals, causing ravenous hunger that lead to overeating. Besides, after six hours of fasting, the brain signals hunger and starts the deposition of fat reserves for future use.

Therefore, you will be eating a little every a couple of hours. Everyone around was surprised — I always had something to eat at work and thus lose weight.

For example, I had Breakfast of oatmeal, cooked in water with pumpkin, milk and a little oil. On the second Breakfast — banana, coffee with milk and a little cheese. Lunch first salad, meat. Snack — cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, fruit. Dinner — baked fish with beans. If you really want tonight is — can soft-boiled egg or a little cottage cheese, glass of milk or yogurt. That is, you will not be hungry. On the contrary, you have all day to think of what I could eat useful.

Method 7. Fasting days — the key of harmony

The so-called fasting days, in fact, are the days with the use of a single product. Choice of: four hundred — five hundred grams of boiled without salt and spices meat, fish, the same amount of cottage cheese or half a kilogram of apples, water-melon, or a half liter of milk or yogurt. At the same time, but one of the products listed, you can drink tea, coffee with milk, but without sugar. You can use sugar substitutes. Especially useful natural stevia. Required these days to kind of shake-up and acceleration of metabolic processes.

Fasting days are held one to two times a week, alternating products. Thus, in one day lost up to four pounds of weight.

Method 8. Plenty of water

Water you need to drink at least two liters a day. Water helps remove from the body hard released by fat breakdown toxins. If they are not promptly removed, they will have toxic effects on the body.

Water should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach a glass or two. Have the water slightly warmed, so that the body does not waste energy on warming. Thus, the water to rinse your esophagus, stomach, intestines from the remnants of yesterday's food and to prepare it for a new day. Breakfast can be no earlier than half an hour after drinking water. During the day drink water between meals — half an hour before and after meals. It is impossible to wash down food with water or fruit juice. This way you only harm, diluting the gastric juice and weaken its effect.

Water should not be carbonated. Mineral water and drink slowly. Preference should be given to the melt water or letting it sit for seven days on a mixture of three minerals: flint, shungite is available, and quartz. Infuse the water better in a glass or enameled pot, covered with a clean cloth or gauze, that there is access of air.

Melt water is prepared by freezing it in the freezer and then thaw at room temperature. Thus it is necessary to remove and discard a thin crust of ice first formed at the beginning of freezing and the last melted ice remaining upon thawing. This ice contains all contaminants — bacteria, carcinogens, heavy metals, radionuclides and other amenities of civilization.

Method 9. Move with pleasure

Fat will start to leave from the first days. This is the most enjoyable way to lose weight in 30 days. After all, burning body fat will supply you with a large amount of energy. You will be surprised how you will want to go. Thus it is not necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym. Simply walk more, to plead for the house, with stairs and no Elevator. Choose for yourself a simple set of stretching exercises. They tighten the muscles and reduce the volume of the shape, making the shape attractive. Do not forget to focus on the complex for face, neck and chest because the skin on these parts of the body with weight loss is sagging in the first place. Very well suited are breathing exercises, like body Flex and hydroxy, says. Maybe you want to engage in belly dancing?

The way 10.

Dropping excess weight and free of toxins, you will experience the upgrade and all of the sensations and feelings. You have to escalate not only taste but also smell and all other senses. Time to fall in love with her husband, and who it is not — to find love. Because love has a magical ability to significantly speed up the metabolic processes in the body, and so, quietly and very nice for us to dissolve the upset we the excess. This is the most enjoyable way to lose weight in 30 days! To lose weight health and enjoy your new look.