Effective exercises for weight loss: a set of workouts at home

If you want to quickly bring your figure back into shape, diet alone is not enough. In order to lose extra pounds, you need to choose a set of effective exercises for losing weight and conduct classes in the gym or at home, then the body will become beautiful and fit. You should focus on problem areas and choose workouts that will help remove body fat in certain places.

What workouts are more effective for losing weight

Obesity has become one of the most pressing problems. According to nutritionists, over 70% of women and men suffer from excess weight and associated diseases. Not all people who want to lose weight have the opportunity to contact specialized fitness centers for an instructor to develop an individual program, so home workouts based on videos are allowed.

The main difficulty that lies in wait for people losing weight at home is the lack of control. It is difficult to maintain the system on your own. This can only be done by a person with strong motivation. Now on the Internet there are special groups for collective weight loss, where participants demonstrate their results using a weekly report with photos.

According to experts, exercises for effective weight loss should be carried out in a group where participants with similar problems are selected. If you work out in the gym under the supervision of an experienced coach, it will be easier to achieve the result. In addition, the instructor will not only select effective weight loss exercises, but also give individual nutritional recommendations.

The most effective weight loss exercises

It is not recommended for people with health problems to choose a complex for classes on their own, this can lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases. To begin with, it is better to consult a doctor who can give advice on how to design workouts without harm to the body. If a person is completely healthy, then you can compose a complex yourself, taking into account individual preferences, using the improvised equipment - dumbbells, a hoop, a rope, a fitball.

Basic exercises

From the very beginning, the training program should include the main complex, which is usually called the basic one. When exercising on simulators, a separate charge is used, which allows you to perform an increase in physical activity gradually, without harm to the body. Basic sports training includes the following types of activities:

  • breathing exercises;
  • stretching;
  • power training;
  • twisting.
basic exercises for weight loss

Light exercise

Losing weight with a high body mass index cannot perform intense loads immediately, so simple exercises are suitable for them to help reduce weight gradually. After that, the loads can be increased. The easiest way to get started is to warm up in the morning. It helps warm up the core muscles and helps speed up the metabolism. The duration of such a warm-up should not be more than 10-15 minutes. These activities include:

  • walking in place;
  • side bends;
  • swing your hands;
  • rotation of the hoop.

Intense exercise

If there is very little time for classes, but you need to quickly achieve intense weight loss, then active training will help, which takes no more than 7-8 minutes. It should be borne in mind that only a person with healthy lungs and heart can withstand such a load. It is not necessary to use additional equipment for training. You can perform them anywhere. Short, intense workouts are good for burning fat:

  • tabata;
  • cardio training;
  • bodyflex.

For fast weight loss

If you needed to lose weight in a short time, then not only the intensity, but also the frequency of training is taken into account. It is recommended to perform the complex at least 2-3 times a day. The most effective are classes that are held early in the morning and a few hours before bedtime. You should take into account the characteristics of your body - an excessive load cannot be useful. A set of exercises for fast weight loss should include cardio training, alternating with aerobic exercise on an exercise bike or treadmill.

Slimming exercises at night

Experts advise against giving the body an increased load shortly before bedtime. The release of adrenaline into the bloodstream accompanying exercise can lead to insomnia. Quiet static exercises, in which a load on certain types of muscles is performed, is well suited for this time. Pilates or yoga are recommended for the evening period.

A set of exercises for a month for weight loss

If the course of classes is compiled for a month in advance without the intervention of specialists, then all problem areas where fat deposits are more noticeable are taken into account. After that, it is recommended to select groups of exercises for the back, hips, abdomen, legs, arms and alternate them. The training plan may differ significantly from person to person. In order to properly plan classes and achieve the desired result, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Before training, calculate your body mass index and take measurements. After the first week, you can take measurements and see the result.
  2. Conduct the most active activities in the morning. According to nutritionists, during this period, body fat is burned more intensively.
  3. At first, it is not necessary to visit the gym and conduct classes at home every day, 2-3 times a week for 15-20 minutes is enough. Gradually, the number of classes can be increased.
  4. Adjust your diet by adding protein-rich foods to burn calories faster.
  5. Include anaerobic and aerobic loads in the workout plan for weight loss.
  6. Before each lesson, warm up so that the muscles are warmed up.
  7. During sports activities, it is allowed to drink clean water, but not more than 2-3 sips.
  8. Do not work to wear and tear. Each organism has its own resource. Excessive training can exacerbate chronic diseases and lead to negative results.
full body slimming exercises

Slimming back

Deposits on the back, as in the front of the abdomen, are quickly removed with the right training. You can determine what you need to focus on this area by putting on a tight T-shirt and standing in front of a mirror. If protruding folds are visible, then you should choose exercises for losing weight on the back. The following types are well suited:

  1. Stand with your back to a flat surface, perform a sliding movement, as if there is a chair below. Keep the body stationary for 8-10 seconds. The number of repetitions is 5-6 times.
  2. Lie on the fitball with your back, substituting your hands, mix them back and forth on the floor, rolling on the ball.

For hands

Removing body fat on your hands will not be easy. In these zones, extra pounds are more difficult to remove than in others. Working out the upper limbs with the use of additional weight helps well. If you use dumbbells weighing 1. 5-2 kg, this will help strengthen the muscles of the forearm. The best exercises for slimming arms:

  • pull up on the horizontal bar;
  • perform push-ups from the wall and floor;
  • make swings to the sides.

For thighs

Workouts that are aimed at burning fat in this zone will help to make the thigh muscles relief, get rid of cellulite. If you combine them with home wraps, you can achieve good results in the first week. The following exercises are considered the most effective:

  1. Put your legs wider, turn your knees to the sides. The body should move up and down, like a ballerina doing a plie without leaning back and forth. Perform a deep half-squat, straighten up - 10-15 times.
  2. Get on all fours, leg bent at the knee, lift up until it stops. Do 10 approaches for each limb.
  3. Squat down with your hands on the floor. Stretch one leg to the side, perform squats as low as possible. Change your leg and lunge the other way. Do it alternately 8 times.

Slimming at the waist

A slender, beautiful waist is the dream of every woman, but if you are overweight, it is difficult to put your figure in order. You need to choose exercises that will help remove fat from the sides. In addition, training aimed at strengthening the oblique abdominal muscles will help:

  1. Twisting. Lie on your back, bend your knees slightly. Reach with your right hand towards your left leg, and then do the lifts in the mirror image. Do 15-20 times at a fast pace so that the press works.
  2. Cross slopes. Stand straight, feet apart, perform inclinations, touching the right toe with the left hand and vice versa. Do two approaches 10 times.
  3. Fast turns. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms to the side. Perform movements with your arms and body, turn from side to side 15-20 times.
exercise for weight loss in the waist

For legs

More often, deposits appear near the thighs and in the area that runs from the muscles of the buttocks to the popliteal region. Such types of sports activities as jumping, walking, ending with light jogging help well. However, if the ankle girth is greatly increased, then most likely there is swelling on the legs. It is necessary to check the condition of the kidneys and consult with a nephrologist. In addition, overweight people often have varicose veins, which is a contraindication for exercises such as jumping and aerobics.

Completely healthy people are allowed to do effective leg slimming workouts:

  1. Scissors. Lying on your back, put your hands along the body, perform criss-crossing movements, while raising and lowering your legs. Do 5 sets.
  2. Swing to the sides. Stand up straight, holding a table or chair. Perform alternately swinging legs to the sides, lifting them as high as possible. In this case, the body should remain perpendicular to the floor (15 times for each limb).
  3. Swing. Spread your legs wider, join your arms in front of you in the castle. Lean to the side, bending the knee at a right angle. The other leg should be fully extended. Fix the position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat the other side. Run 8 times on each leg.

For slimming the whole body

The most effective full body weight loss exercises are swimming and water aerobics, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend a dedicated pool group. Therefore, classes where different muscle groups are involved are suitable. This category includes workouts: tabata, body flex, yoga.

In order for the whole figure to become fit and acquire a beautiful shape, you need to follow the correct regime and do exercises regularly. Whole Body Slimming Exercises:

  1. Plank. Lie on a straight, hard surface. Rest your socks on the floor, raise your torso on your elbows. Fix this position for 7-20 seconds. Gradually, the time should be increased so that all muscle groups are tightened. Every day, exercises are performed at least 3-5 times in several approaches.
  2. Burpee. It is performed at a fast pace. Stand up straight, then perform a full squat, lean on your hands, taking a position as during push-ups, push off with your hands, sit down again, return to the starting position. Such a charge is performed for 1-2 minutes continuously and belongs to the cardio group.