How to lose weight very quickly?

Don't you think you're slim enough? Need to remove a few pounds right now? Do you want to know how tolose weight very quickly? Then this article will come in handy. Today we will tell you how to lose those extra pounds in a very short time.

Slimming girl on a diet measures her waist

How to lose weight very quickly without danger to health

You should understand that losing ten kilograms in a week is unrealistic (unless it's liposuction).

The maximum allowable weight loss isone (! ) kilogram per week.No more.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that when losing weight, adipose tissue disappears in a completely different way. First, the face loses weight, then the chest (and this is really a disorder! ), Then the priest loses weight, and after it only the belly decreases.

It is also very important not to be deceived aboutdietary supplements help in losing weight. If the inscription on the shiny pill box promises you a visible result the very next day, you can safely throw this box away. Most diet pills don't help you lose weight at all, they just don't do anything. And this is at best - many dietary supplements generally interfere with the normal functioning of the body.

And what to do? In order to lose weight very quickly and effectively, there isa range of special intensive diets. Which ones? More on this below.

Intensive diets

What to do to lose weight very quickly?

For some reason, many believe that the best and most intense diet isstopping food intake.Hunger strike, in other words.

But this is far from the best solution! Yes, completely limiting yourself in food, you can easily remove heels of kilograms in a few days. But all these pounds will return as quickly as they left. And not only will they return, but they will also bring new ones with them.

The return of old kilograms is the real scourge of any "slimming" procedure. That is why it is very importantto exit diets correctly.Be ready for this, do not throw yourself on sweets and do not forget about physical activity.

Now we come to the most important part of the article: the description of intense diets. What are they?

Diet # 1. Chicken

As you already understood, it is proposed to lose weight very quickly on this diet with the help ofchicken, but not simple, but boiled.The diet is fast, and is calculated for onlyfor three days.

During these days, you need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with chicken, and the portion should be small enough -no more than two hundred grams of meat at a time.

In addition to chicken, it is also allowed to drink water (the most common, non-carbonated).

Diet # 2. Rice

This diet is for 4 days. During all this time, it is proposed to eat onlyboiled rice, and drink only tomato juice.Think it's nonsense? But no!

Since you can't salt and pepper rice, you will hate it already on the third or fourth meal.

But you really want to lose weight very quickly, don't you? Then be ready to endure hardship!

Diet # 3. Sandwiches

After the previous two diets, the name of this one seems a bit mocking. However, things are not so simple.

Let's start with breakfast. It is the simplest -any porridge in water or skim milkwithout sugar and other sweeteners.

Lunch is offered with asandwich made from grain bread and lean meat or fish. And no mayonnaise, ketchup or sauces!

Dinner is aVegetarian Sandwich- put a vegetable on the bread and enjoy life. What about drinking? It is allowed to drink water, tea and coffee - and everything is unsweetened.

Compared to the previous ones, this diet is quite long, it lastsfor two weeks.

It is strongly discouraged to continue for longer (even if you like this style of eating).

Diet # 4. Fish, meat, kefir

This diet lasts for four days. At first glance, it seems quite varied, but on the third day it becomes unbearably boring.

But you have to remember that it is not so easy to really lose weight quickly.

Okay, breakfast. For breakfast it is suggested to eat oneboiled eggand wash it down with a glass ofunsweetened tea. Lunch - 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese, a glass of kefir or vegetable juice- carrot, pumpkin, squash or cucumber.

The next meal at about 3-4 pm is150 grams of cooked meat (rabbit, chicken, turkey) or boiled lean fish(such as sole or hake). As a side dish -vegetable salad without salt, oil(and even more so without mayonnaise).

Instead of dinner - a glass ofherbal infusion(chamomile, mint, linden, St. John's wort, sage).

Diet # 5. Buckwheat

Buckwheat is very well known as a"slimming" cereal.Indeed, buckwheat can help you lose weight very quickly. How can this be done?

To do this, you need to eat only buckwheat for two weeks - abouta spoonful per hour (or 2-3 tablespoons every 2-3 hours).

Buckwheat should be boiled in water and without adding salt and seasonings. Once every few days, the diet can be diluted with a small(100-150 grams) amount of cooked lean meat,as well as low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, eggs and legumes.

From time to time, buckwheat should be replaced withmillet or oatmeal (they should be boiled in water without any additives).

Diet # 6. For those with a strong stomach

This diet lasts for four days. Let's start, as usual, with breakfast.

Breakfast can be called a stretch: adda tablespoon of honey and five drops of lemon juiceto a glass of water. After a quarter of an hour, you need to drink weak coffee or tea. For lunch -vegetables and boiled lean meat or fish.

Dinner is a separate topic. You will need to boil200 grams of cabbage in a little water for about twenty minutes. Cabbage is given to those who do not seek to lose weight very quickly, and the broth is drunk.

Before going to bed, sometimes (if you really, really want! ) you can drink a glass of low fat kefir.

A little about fasting days

If you are not ready to go on a strict diet for several days at once, and you really want to lose weight very, very quickly, you can periodically (once or twice a week) arrange for yourselffasting days. What are they:

  • apple - only one and a half kilograms of apples for the whole day;
  • kefir - for the whole day only one and a half liters of kefir;
  • buckwheat - all day only buckwheat, two tablespoons every two hours.

Physical activity

During diets and fasting days, do not forget about theimportance of physical activity.

Since you probably want not only to lose weight rapidly, but also to do it right (so that fat does not go from the chest, but from the priests and abdomen), physical activity is necessary.

It is worth doing at least the simplest exercises -bends, squats, stretching, swinging legs and arms, exercises on the press. Also very useful ismassage of problem areas, it causes an improvement in blood metabolism, which breaks down adipose tissue well.

You have to understand that physical activity while dieting is not the most pleasant experience. The fact is that during a diet, the body does not receive enough energy substances, which is why it extremely does not want to waste them at all. How to deal with this? No way. You just need to gather the will into a fist and cope with your laziness.

This article on how to lose weight very quickly comes to an end.

Now you know which diets you should sit on for several days so that these nasty pounds finally go away. Now you know it's not easy. But you should also know that everything is in your hands, that everything depends only on you, that it is quite possible to removea few kilograms in a few days.

Don't delay it! Happy weight loss!