The best diet by day for weight loss

Long-term diets with tedious calorie counting very often end in breakdowns and do not bring the expected results. It is much easier to achieve positive dynamics in weight loss by using daily diets with clear recommendations for both products and the menu as a whole. This approach to nutrition - balanced and disciplined helps to actively lose extra pounds and maintain a normal weight over a long period.

Diets by day: features and types

food diary by day

There are different types of diets by day, which differ in duration, rules and dietary habits, as well as the results obtained. Diets on days of the week are considered the most balanced, a reasonable approach to the diet in which it helps not only to actively lose extra pounds, but also completely rebuilds the body to the correct diet and gives a slim figure.

You can also tighten your body with other weight loss methods based on daily dietary restrictions:

  • Diet by day of the week with fruit and vegetable menu;
  • Diet alternating recommended foods for two or three days.
Such diets are distinguished by good results, allowing you to lose from 2 to 6 kg in the first week. In more detail, we will consider the features and recommendations of correct weight loss by day using examples of each of these diets.

Diet by day of the week

Weight loss rules

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Developed by nutritionists, taking into account the specific characteristics of the body during weight loss, this diet, as one of the best balanced nutrition options, is perfect for anyone, even in the case of concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system or other pathologies. The main condition for achieving the set goals without harm to health is the observance of certain rules, including:

  • An obligatory start to the day with the use of 1 glass of boiled water at warm room temperature. Such a procedure will launch the work of all body systems, tame appetite and prepare an optimal environment for active weight loss;
  • It is recommended to end the day with a glass of kefir, the properties of which will have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, will contribute to the optimal assimilation of substances beneficial to the body;
  • For strict compliance with the prescribed diet, it is necessary to write down the menu for the days of the whole week, which will eliminate the need for an independent choice of diet and will allow you to pre-purchase products for preparing light and nutritious meals recommended by nutritionists - diet developers;
  • In case of any violation of the dietary diet, the next day you should stick to the menu of the most "hungry" Monday, and then continue the diet according to the scheduled schedule on the days of the week;
  • Strict prohibition on self-change of products during the fasting week. Nutritionists provide for the full saturation of the body with the necessary substances at each of the stages of weight loss, therefore, during cleaning and unloading, it is very important to consume vegetables, fruits and dairy products. The introduction of proteins should take place a little later, according to the prescriptions of specialists and with the greatest benefit for the body;
  • Exclusion from the diet of flour, fatty, sweet foods, including fruits and berries with increased sweetness (figs, bananas, grapes, etc. );
  • Ability to include dairy products up to 2. 5% fat in food;
  • Providing fractional meals - in small portions (up to 250 g) 4-5 times a day.
prohibited foods on the diet

Sample Menu

Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday - Oatmeal steamed with boiling water (1-2 tablespoons) - or vegetable / fruit salad;

- 2 loaves

- Green unsweetened tea

- Vegetable salad / light vegetable soup without meat and potatoes;

- 2 loaves of butter;

- Curd

- A glass of yogurt / kefir / cottage cheese (100 g) / apple - Vegetable or fruit pancakes, prepared without yeast and sugar;

- Herbal unsweetened tea

Tuesday - 1 loaf;

- Unsweetened tea / coffee / herbal infusion

- Boiled potatoes (2-3 pcs. );

- Vegetable Salad

- A glass of fermented baked milk or unsweetened tea with milk - Cabbage zrazy / meatballs with vegetables / steamed chicken cutlets with vegetable stew;

- Unsweetened herbal tea

Wednesday - 1 loaf;

- Unsweetened tea / coffee

- Soup / borscht without added meat - Vegetables / fruits / berries - Up to 300 g or dark chocolate (up to 30 g) - Vegetable stew;

- Glass of vegetable / fruit juice

Thursday - Oatmeal / brown rice;

- Unsweetened fruits or vegetables;

- Tea / coffee without added sugar

- Vegetable omelet with 2 eggs or 2 boiled eggs with fresh vegetables;

- Glass of tomato juice

- Tea and jam or a slice of dark chocolate;

- Baked apple with cinnamon and nuts

- Green vegetables and salad greens, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil;

- Cheese-feta cheese (50 g);

- Herbal unsweetened tea

Friday - 1 loaf;

- Unsweetened tea / coffee

- Vegetable Salad / Mushroom Soup;

- Croutons

- Tangerines (2 pcs. ) / nuts and dried fruits (150 g) - Spaghetti or cereals with vegetable sauce and herbs / cereal casseroles with vegetables;

- Rosehip Infusion

Saturday - Cheese (50 g);

- Bread;

- Tea / Coffee

- Boiled dietary meat (chicken, rabbit, veal) with fresh or stewed vegetables - 1 green apple or 200 g of unsweetened berries - Vegetable stew (200 g)
Sunday - Butter Bread;

- Tea / Coffee

- Boiled or baked potatoes (3 pcs. );

- Fresh vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, lemon juice and basil

- Dried fruits (up to 150 g) - Fish (200 g) stewed, boiled or baked with vegetables

Fruit and Vegetable Diet by Day of the Week

fruit and vegetable diet

The fruit and vegetable diet for quick weight loss at home every day is distinguished by no less noticeable result.It provides for compliance with the following nutritional rules:

  • Monday: eating one vegetable in unregulated amounts;
  • Tuesday: the basis of the diet is an apple / pear or orange, which you are allowed to eat throughout the day, eating most of it before lunch;
  • Wednesday: the menu consists of a choice of one of the berries, which can be eaten in any quantity throughout the day;
  • Thursday: based on the use of any fermented milk products, while it is recommended to finish the daily diet with low-calorie kefir;
  • Friday: vegetable day, in which again you need to give preference to a certain vegetable and eat it all day;
  • Saturday: it is allowed to eat berries or fruits with low-fat kefir at the end of the day;
  • Sunday: strict food restriction - strictly drinking regime is allowed in the form of juices from a certain fruit.
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If everything is clear with the forbidden foods this week, then it is worth clarifying that non-carbonated mineral water and green tea are also among the foods allowed throughout the diet.

Diet "Favorite" by days of the week

A feature of the "Favorite" diet is a fairly quick weight loss - up to 10 kg per week. At the same time, it is relatively light - does not require significant efforts to comply with the rules and has a minimum of restrictions on products.Of course, as with any other diet, it is forbidden to eat flour and sweet dishes, but the rest of the diet can be varied according to personal preferences, adhering to the following dietary principles:

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday are drinking days on which only liquid foods should be consumed;
  • Tuesday - vegetable;
  • Thursday is fruity;
  • Friday - protein diet;
  • Sunday is the exit from the 7-day diet, which is characterized by a combination of basic foods of the dietary week.
losing weight on a diet favorite

Diet for two days

The most gentle diet for the body and at the same time providing good results is considered a diet for two days. Its essence lies in the use of familiar food for five days, and two days a week to devote to unloading the body. For this week, it is enough to choose for yourself two days (not in a row) and reduce your diet by a quarter during this period.

With the help of this method of losing weight, the body does not experience stress restrictions, but learns to intelligently reduce portions and the amount of food consumed. For the period of such fasting days, doctors recommend giving up active physical activity, which can provoke an increase in appetite.

The advantages and advantages of this diet also include the proven facts of the prevention of severe immune diseases in the form of diabetes mellitus, severe Alzheimer's disease and parkinsonism.

Diet for three days

losing weight on healthy food

A three-day diet promises up to 7 kg of weight loss, while also providing cleansing of the body from toxins. The main principle of losing weight in this case is in the choice of certain products. The food is based on rice, chicken and apples. Each of these products should be consumed for three days, alternately moving on to the next stage of weight loss.

Rice days promote the elimination of toxins, chicken protein helps break down fats, and apple fiber activates metabolism and fights toxins.

Daily menu looks like this:

  • For the first three days, you should eat exclusively boiled rice, soaked from the previous evening. In this case, the daily rate of 1 glass of rice cereal must be divided into 4-5 meals;
  • On the second three days, you need to eat 1. 2 kg of chicken, divided into five meals;
  • On the final three apple days, you need to eat up to 1 kg of green apples in 4-5 meals.
The severity of dietary restrictions, unfortunately, often provokes breakdowns from this diet. But even with the passage of the first two stages, positive dynamics towards weight loss can be noted.

Pros and cons of express weight loss

weight loss on express diet

These diets by day give excellent results, provided you change your lifestyle, give up bad habits and addictions in the diet, and organize systematic physical activity. The longer the diet is and the fewer restrictions it has, the less aggressive its effect on the body as a whole will be.

The main advantage of short-term diets every day is quick results. But the number of minuses is slightly larger:

  • Huge list of restrictions;
  • Following clear rules and strict norms in the diet;
  • The risk of returning to its former forms after the introduction of the usual products of the everyday menu;
  • Possibility of health problems.

The diet developed by experts by day of the week takes into account all risk factors and allows you to lose weight without harm to your health. A balanced diet, variability of the diet, a change in food intake, a mandatory intake of up to 2 liters of water and a refusal of harmful products - a long course of diet for weight loss every day will make it possible not only to improve your parameters in the direction of an ideal beautiful body, but will also contribute to the restoration of health. . .