Ducan's diet - losing weight in stages

The Pierre Ducan diet is not a diet in the literal sense of the word. It is categorized as a "power supply system". The author of this method of losing weight, as the name implies, is the Frenchman Pierre Dukan. He has over 40 years of experience in dietetics. The fruit of his many years of work has become a very effective system with the help of which thousands of people have successfully lost their weight.

This diet is ideal for losing weight at the modern pace of life. Indeed, many throughout the day must maintain a high level of concentration and efficiency. Unfortunately, other low-carb diets cannot guarantee this. Below is a detailed description of the power system proposed by Ducan.

How the diet works

Pierre Ducan's diet - the correct nutritional system

The diet proposed by Pierre Dukan is based on the consumption of protein-fortified and, at the same time, low-carbohydrate foods. We are talking about dietary types of meat, fish and eggs.

The essence of this technique is not much different from many other low-carb diets. However, Pierre Dukan did not "plagiarize" one of the pre-existing food systems. He took note of a special factor - human individuality. What is meant?

Each person has a potential programmed by nature - a very specific number of fat cells. The risk of becoming overweight is increased in those people who have a large number of these cells. Another nuance is also important: if a person constantly overeats, an active division of fat cells occurs in his body, and this provokes an increase in the total volume of fat.

When those who want to lose weight are on a variety of diets, body volumes, of course, decrease, and the fight against cellulite is very successful, but the number of fat cells does not change. Moreover, when a slack in nutrition is allowed, they divide again. This is the reason why the results obtained are incredibly difficult to maintain for a long time.


Ducan's Protein Diet Includes 4 Separate Steps

A famous French nutritionist has developed a diet for his patients, which is designed for a fairly long time and is divided into several stages. So, if we break this nutrition system into 2 parts, then the first one is “designed” to get rid of excess weight, and the second one is needed to consolidate achievements. This strategy made it possible to neglect the genetic disposition to overweight. After all, the extra centimeters are removed first, and only then the weight stabilization occurs (the growth of adipose tissue is blocked, and the weight becomes optimal).

The Ducan Protein Diet has 4 distinct phases. Each of them has special dietary requirements and is scheduled every day. All stages have a detailed description of the menu for each day.

  1. "Attack" (calculated on average for a week or from 3 to 10 days).
  2. Alternating (30 to 52 days).
  3. "Pinning" (from 30 to 52 days).
  4. Stabilization (for life).

How to find out your ideal Dukan weight

Before starting the Ducan diet, it is recommended that you determine the weight that will be optimal for you.Of course, almost any online calculator can help you calculate weight. Weight calculation is completely free. The table that you need to read and filling in the fields is all you need.

Diet Tips:

  1. Complete elimination of all oils, fats and mayonnaise from the diet.
  2. Eating oat bran every day - both during and after you are out of diet.
  3. The drinking regimen assumes the daily use of filtered water in a volume of 2 liters.
  4. Hiking should be done every day - and at least half an hour.
  5. A complete refusal to travel by elevator - only stairs, regardless of the floor of residence and work.

The presence in the diet of alcoholic beverages, sugar, fried potatoes, "sugar" fruits - bananas, cherries, cherries, grapes, figs is strictly prohibited.

Positive and negative aspects

When losing weight on the Ducan diet, muscle mass is retained

Why is it good:

  • protein-fortified foods are allowed to eat without restrictions on volume and time (we are talking about dietary meat and ham, eggs, any fish and seafood, low-fat "milk");
  • visible results can be seen after the end of the first week;
  • weight loss is fast enough;
  • weight loss occurs by reducing fat mass, and muscle mass is preserved;
  • healthier hair, nails and skin;
  • lost weight is not returned for a long time.

What's wrong:

  • fat restrictions;
  • lack of complete balance and the resulting need for additional intake of complexes of vitamins and other useful elements;
  • the complexity of the first stage, due to which the appearance of increased fatigue is likely;
  • the need to consume oat bran every day;
  • If you are too lazy to cook, it will be difficult to follow this diet;
  • is not recommended for those who suffer from persistent food intolerances, allergies and diseases of the digestive system.

Detailed menu for 7 days

1 Have breakfast A couple of small pieces of chicken breast (grilled), a serving of low-fat cottage cheese and a cup of green coffee with ginger.
Dine A serving of Vietnamese-cooked beef and low-fat yogurt.
Have some lunch Dukan pancakes with a little cinnamon.
Dinner A serving of garlic chicken and large prawns with a clove of garlic.
2 Have breakfast With a couple of slices of ham, an omelet of a couple of eggs, and a drink at room temperature.
Dine Fish (must be trout) with herbs and fresh shrimp.
Have some lunch Porridge with vanilla, oat bran and a cup of tea or coffee.
Dinner Cool chicken eggs and Ducan's mayonnaise.
3 Have breakfast A couple of quality turkey ham, low-fat cheese, goji berries, and a drink warmed to room temperature.
Dine Grilled chicken breast, meringue and creamy ice cream.
Have some lunch Pink curd cake (cheesecake).
Dinner Chunks of chicken with oat bran (nuggets) and eggnog.
4 Have breakfast A slice of low fat cream cheese, scrambled eggs and a drink at room temperature.
Dine Chicken curry and low fat yogurt.
Have some lunch A cup of good unsweetened tea or coffee, to which the oat bran casserole with goji berries is perfect.
Dinner Salmon soup.
5 Have breakfast Low fat yoghurt (add oat bran) and drink at room temperature.
Dine A portion of low-fat cottage cheese and steamed fish with herbs.
Have some lunch A portion of quality crab sticks.
Dinner A peppery beef steak.
6 Have breakfast Curry omelet with mint leaves and a drink at room temperature.
Dine Chunks of good ham, turkey loin steaks (grilled).
Have some lunch Ginger lemonade with goji berry and oat bran cookies.
Dinner Foil-baked turkey meatballs.
7 Have breakfast Soft-boiled eggs and thin "leaves" of meat, a drink warmed to room temperature.
Dine Smoked salmon, oat bran pancakes.
Have some lunch A cup of good tea or coffee.
Dinner Grilled chicken pieces.

Where can I get the recipes?

Of course in a nutritionist's book. It contains 350 excellent recipes that will bring you unforgettable pleasure and significantly increase your level of motivation. Thanks to them, you will enjoy your favorite dishes.

The widest assortment includes first courses, second courses and desserts.The products used in the recipes are freely sold in any market.The recipes in this wonderful book are a wide variety of menus that provide an easy and tasty way to achieve your dream weight gain.

Did you know that

Interesting to know! - facts about Pierre Dukan

Pierre Dukan is a highly professional nutritionist who is well versed in such a delicate area as eating behavior and changing eating habits. He founded the method of the same name and all his life was engaged in the development of methods for dealing with extra pounds. The doctor has published 19 papers on dietetics, which can be read in more than 25 languages.

When Pierre turned 23, he became the youngest therapist in France. Early in his career, one of his patients diagnosed with obesity asked him for help in losing weight. But he categorically did not agree to refuse meat only. The doctor was interested in this "ultimatum", and he decided to experiment. As a result, in 5 days the patient managed to lose 5 kg. It was a smashing success! It was he who became the first step for Pierre Ducan.

For a quarter of a century, Pierre Dukan has been studying the eating habits of his patients. So, little by little, step by step, he created his own weight loss method. He authored the concept of "weight stabilization" and the analysis of food, which formed the basis of his diet.

Summing it up

Reviews of those losing weight suggest that Pierre Ducan's diet is one of the most effective. In just one month, many manage to lose weight very decently. And this is not surprising. Indeed, this food system harmoniously combines meat, fruits, berries and vegetables. And the menu is designed in such a way that it brings maximum benefit and pleasure. The secret of the effectiveness of the Pierre Ducan method is that you can lose weight with positive emotions.