How to lose weight in a week without dieting at home

Extra pounds people appetite gain over the years, but one day the reflection in the mirror ceases to please. Then the question arises, how to lose weight without much physical exercise and exhausting diets. The fact that at home you can get rid of several extra pounds a week is not a myth. It is only necessary to abandon certain products and to correct lifestyle.

how to lose weight

What is the weight loss

Slim body is the key to health. Good physique is the reason for a positive attitude, maintains a high level of self-confidence, attracts the views of men and women. The reason why complete people always want to have toned shape without diet and exercise. Psychologists, coaches and nutritionists in one voice insists that desire is not enough. The solution should be comprehensive. First you need to find the motivation, so you should understand the consequences of excess weight:

  1. Psychological discomfort, self-doubt. Completeness is lost due to the visual appeal.
  2. Pathology of musculoskeletal apparatus. Because of the extra pounds quickly wear out the intervertebral discs, cartilage, joints. Statistically, overweight people are 2 times more likely to become disabled.
  3. High probability of myocardial infarction, stroke. Significant weight gain overloads the heart, appears hypertension.
  4. Cardiovascular disease. The reason is the high cholesterol that occurs due to disturbed fat metabolism. It is fraught with clogged arteries.
  5. Diabetes. Frequent companion of obese people, because the pancreas is overloaded, decreased production of insulin, glucose is not absorbed.
  6. Obesity in women often leads to infertility, while men provoke prostate cancer.

Can I lose weight in a week

If you try, then at home you can lose weight in a week by 7 kg. For this we need to heed the advice of experts:

  1. Refrain from going to the refrigerator after 18 hours (or 3 hours before bedtime). It is the most effective way to get rid of a pair pounds in a week without dieting.
  2. Trim to a minimum the consumption of high-calorie desserts, pastries, fried foods. To give up your favorite foods is not necessary, but there are better meals in the morning and in small quantities.
  3. Do not forget about drinking regime. To lose weight in a week for a few pounds, the body needs to burn fats. Water helps to get out excess water, removes salt deposits, so you need to drink at least 1.5 liters/day.
  4. Eat fractional and often (small portions). Stick to 5-6 meals a day. If you eat 2-3 times/day, for a week the weight did not decline at all.
  5. Differ from physiological hunger signal about the need for a snack, going out of my head. When do you want to eat, you will eat even unloved porridge.
  6. If you decide to use any diet, choose a diet for weight loss, which consists of favorite foods. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself by eating cabbage if you can't stand her – such an approach will cause stress and eventually, you will gain weight.
to lose weight at home

How to lose weight quickly at home

Urgently to lose weight 5 pounds in a week is possible. Many people have achieved even more amazing results weight loss at home, when adhered to some simple rules. To quickly get rid of extra pounds, you must:

  1. To give up alcohol. If you have decided to lose weight in a week without dieting, the first thing to remove from the life spirits. Because under their influence the appetite is greatly enhanced. Where there is alcohol, there is always a high-calorie appetizer, harmful to the body.
  2. To change the dishes. This advice is at first sight very strange, but to neglect them is not necessary. To lose weight in a week and never gain weight, never, should learn to eat in small portions. To do this is to buy small plates and fill them completely. Such a psychological attitude will help you to quickly achieve the desired result.
  3. Is not in a hurry. Seriously decided to make a graceful figure, make it a rule to not eat while watching TV or reading a book. You don't even notice how much to eat and after half an hour again want to eat. Take food for 10 minutes, enjoy the taste and aroma of a favorite dish.
  4. To start journaling. This will help in the end of each day to draw conclusions whether all planned. Stick to blog pages photo of slim people, which sizes you like – it will be a great motivation. Each day, record in your notebook your results to clearly see the progress.


Weight loss in a week without dieting will be more effective if you combine proper nutrition and special exercises for figure correction. Because all people are different, the training program should be individualized, with an emphasis on correcting problem areas. Much bother is not necessary. For weight loss optimal 40-60 minute regular sessions three times a week.

During fitness you must follow the breath, increasing the number of breaths. This helps to quickly burn fat. After a workout you want to avoid eating for 1.5-2 hours. Effective exercise for problem areas:

  1. Burn fat on belly and thighs, and abs will help the exercise "Bicycle". Lie on your back, place hands behind the head. Lift your head and shoulders, leaving the waist and hips tightly pressed to the floor. Legs bend at the knees, the hips should be at 45 degrees from the floor. Do the movement as riding a bike, alternately touching right elbow to left knee and Vice versa, and then return to its original position. Repeat the exercise it is necessary several times with small breaks.
  2. To remove the fat on the legs, you must do jumping jacks, alternating different options. The main task is the continuous jumping. You can use the jump rope is a great home trainer. Severely obese people need to lose weight first, and then to take up jump rope or jog.
  3. To make a thinner waist will help wrap. Regular twist wrap promotes the burning of fat on the sides. If at the same time doing squats and lunges, the work includes the muscles of the buttocks that will make them toned.

Basic rules of proper nutrition

How to lose weight in a week without dieting with simple adjustments to diet, will tell any nutritionist. First, you need to learn the basic principles:

  • a basic menu should consist of vegetables and fruits;
  • to unsubscribe from simple carbohydrates (candy, cakes, pies);
  • Breakfast porridge, cooked in water without oil;
  • replace harmful products for useful (sugar, honey, fat pork, lean beef, etc.);
  • to go for groceries soon after eating;
  • to diversify the diet, to experiment, to try different combinations of wholesome low-calorie products;
  • to leave the dining table in a half-starved condition.

What can I eat to lose weight in a week

useful diet

If the diet to use only healthy food that contains useful minerals, you effective weight loss at home for the week will be provided. Among the allowed foods:

  • lean meat: Turkey, chicken, veal;
  • low fat dairy: yogurt, sour cream, cheese, yogurt, milk;
  • quail, eggs (scrambled or boiled);
  • lean fish (jellied, baked, marinated);
  • fruits and vegetables (steamed, frozen, fresh, juices);
  • vegetable oil: corn, flax, sunflower, olive;
  • bakery products flour with sesame, sunflower seed, bran;
  • cereals, pasta from durum wheat, unpolished rice;
  • potatoes (baked, mashed, boiled in their jackets);
  • drinks: compotes, fresh juices, fruit drinks, herbal tea, weak coffee jelly, green tea, mineral water without gas;
  • dried fruits: prunes, dates, raisins, figs, dried apricots;
  • nuts: almonds, pine, peanuts.

Sample menu for a week

The fastest way to lose weight in a week without harsh diets – to make in advance the diet on all days. Sample menu:

Day of the week







oatmeal, whole wheat bread, tea


beetroot, steam cutlet, vegetable salad, compote

unsweetened cottage cheese with sour cream and greens

mackerel baked with onions and carrots, yogurt


Buckwheat, hard-boiled egg, coffee


soup, beef goulash, tomato, herbal tea

baked Apple with honey

chicken breast grilled, fresh herbs, milk


Rice, whole wheat bread with a slice of homemade sausage, tea

prunes, apricots, figs

soup with meatballs, Greek salad, cranberry juice


heck, stewed in tomato sauce, sauerkraut with ginger, fresh fruit juice


Protein pancakes with honey, cocoa

yogurt with berries

soup homemade chicken, stewed hearts, cucumbers, herbal tea

yogurt with raisins and nuts

stewed rabbit, salad of boiled beets and raisins, milk


wheat porridge, omelette of 2 eggs, coffee

cheese balls with dried fruit

ear, whole grain bread, a salad of radish, cucumber, green tea

yogurt with berries

chicken cutlets steamed, boiled beans, stewed fruit


cottage cheese casserole with sour cream, cocoa


Pollock baked, mashed potatoes, fresh juice


vegetable stew, steam fish, yogurt


corn porridge, cheesecakes, coffee

muesli with milk

soup, braised chicken liver, beet salad, compote

avocado with feta cheese

veal stew, vegetable salad, milk

popular recipes

Popular recipes

One of the main principles of the diet – drink plenty of liquids. Plain water will help remove toxins from the body, speed up metabolism, which is important for weight loss without dieting, will produce a diuretic effect, cleanse the intestines, reduce appetite. To saturate the organism with necessary vitamins and minerals will help special drinks:

  1. Birch juice. The popularity of the drink due to the beneficial nutrients, low calorie and taste unusual. The juice from birch trees was produced by our ancestors, and to drink it it is necessary immediately after collection, after a few days the drink will lose its properties. To drink birch juice for weight loss should daily glass throughout the week.
  2. Oatmeal pudding. Oats improves the condition of nails, hair, promote blood circulation, to cleanse the intestines. Oatmeal helps to lose weight in a week. The drink should drink daily, 1 hour before bedtime. How to prepare jelly: mix a handful of oats, a grated boiled beets, prunes. Pour the ingredients 2 liters of boiling water, boil for 15 minutes.
  3. A cocktail of cucumbers and celery. These two products are a storehouse of useful minerals and vitamins. They help you to lose weight without strict diets, if you take ½ Cup 4 times a day for weeks. To prepare the cocktail is easy: the ingredients in the same amount you need to mix in a blender, and then the thick mixture was diluted with water.

Herbal decoction

To lose weight too strict diet is not needed. To get a beautiful body in a week you can use of herbal medicine. There are a huge number of medicinal herbs that contribute to:

  • decrease in appetite (nettle, parsley, fennel);
  • diuretic effect (horsetail, burdock, cowberry leaf);
  • body cleanse (Senna, camomile, Anis);
  • fat burning (dandelion, alfalfa, turmeric).

Decoctions of these plants can take, in mono variant, or in combination with each other. The preparation of drinks will not take much time and with regular use will help for a week to get rid of extra pounds. Most effective recipes:

  1. Hellebore. Cleans the intestines from parasites and ensuring long-term weight loss. Pour 50 g of the powder of hellebore, bought at the pharmacy, 150 ml of warm water and drink every morning on an empty stomach for weeks.
  2. Marjoram. Increases the amount of secreted gastric juice, which ensures fast digestion. To prepare the broth should be 1 tsp. of herb, pour a glass of boiling water for 20-30 minutes. Make this number should be 2 times/day for weeks.


tea with honey

A real joy for losing weight – honey drink. Besides a pleasant sweet taste, the product combines 20 amino acids, a large number of minerals and vitamins. Honey is a natural depressant, so it helps not only lose weight but also improves stress resistance, removes fatigue. Several effective recipes for weight loss:

  1. Tablespoon of honey and dilute in 100 g of warm water, add a few drops of lemon juice and 1 tsp of grated ginger. Drink before lunch and supper to boost your metabolism.
  2. Cleanses the intestines cinnamon with honey. Method of preparation: in a glass of warm water add 1 tsp of each ingredient and drink on an empty stomach.
  3. A great fat burning effect is the combination of honey and lemon. To prepare honey-lemon drink you need to mix 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp honey and 250 mg of water. Drink half a Cup 2-3 times/day.