How to lose weight at home?

To lose weight is not always to be hungry, or spend a lot of money on expensive sports equipment or personal nutritionist. You can lose weight in their own home. The inability to afford a coach, nutritionist or home gym doesn't mean You are doomed to exist with excess weight until the end of his days.

to lose weight at home


The first step on the way to achieving our goal to recognize those of our habits that have led to the emergence of extra pounds:

  • You have a habit of snacking at night?
  • Sitting in front of the TV, You chew it, forgetting about how many have you had?
  • If You are a housewife, do You get tired of homework, not finding the strength to play sports?
  • If You are working, not whether you eat high-calorie fast food with co-workers?

Analyze your daily habits and make the necessary changes.


In most cases, having made the decision to lose weight, people begin to adhere to a certain diet, which changes everything. For this You need to arm yourself with information about how many calories contained in what You eat and to exert maximum effort to eliminate high calorie foods from your diet. However to adhere to such a diet is sometimes very difficult. Chosen diet aimed at getting rid of excess weight in the home, should not instill in You a sense of deprivation. It just needs to be focused on healthy food.

Below we give a few simple weight loss methods at home:

  1. Do not skip Breakfast. Starting your day with Breakfast, You get to control the feeling of hunger. Proven that people who eat a full Breakfast, more likely to lose weight.
  2. It is known that sea of hunger, You increase your chances to get rid of extra pounds. If You want to lose weight - do not skip meals. The time interval between meals should not exceed 5 hours.
  3. Do not avoid physical activity. Instead of the Elevator go down/go up the stairs, walk to the shop to do homework. If such physical exercise does not suit You, then You must devote 30 minutes to physical exercises every day.
  4. In accordance with studies, first you need to have food that You will saturate faster. For example, if You start eating from the first, meat or any other "heavy" dishes, eventually You'll eat less.
  5. Food from restaurants contains a lot of fat and calories, so try to consume more home-cooked meals. In Your diet must be in place vegetables and low-fat poultry.
  6. If You aim to lose weight at home - keep a count of the calories You consume. Thus, You will not starve but will be able to monitor the amount of calories that you consume.
  7. If You are a grown man who has a sedentary lifestyle, Your daily caloric need is 2000 – 2500 calories. To lose weight, You should consume 250 – 500 calories less. This can easily be achieved by using low-calorie dishes rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, fruits and meat should be included in the diet in a balanced amount.
  8. Eliminate sweet drinks, pasta, cookies, cakes, pies and desserts. Replace them with raw vegetables, nuts, berries, fiber and protein.
eating for weight loss

Sport at home

If You don't belong to the same group of people who get pleasure from visiting the gym, our physical exercise at home will help You to achieve more brilliant results than regular visits to the gym. Moreover, You will not feel the moral pressure due to time constraints because these exercises You can do at the most appropriate time for You. Just throw away all thoughts that distract You from the sport.

However, the home environment can over-relax You, so pull yourself together and not become a victim of my own laziness. We hope that our list of physical exercises in the home will be useful to You:

  • Walking on foot. If the weather is excellent to have a look at it and take a walk enjoying nature. As the weather is not always favorable, You have to find a way to make Hiking house, because walking is the best way to lose weight at home. You can go up and down stairs, do Laundry or just walk around while talking on the phone.
  • Exercises for the legs. Lie on your back and raise your legs without bending their knees. This is an excellent load for the muscles of the abdomen and legs. You can try to lift one leg at a time.
  • Running on the spot. From running in place is a great feature - it can be done while watching TV, listening to music or performing any other domestic work that does not require concentration. Just acquire comfortable shoes and try to have fun with this simple but effective sport.
  • Exercises for abdominal muscles. Lie on your back, legs bend at the knees and the feet press to the floor. His hands lay behind his head and slightly lift your shoulders off the floor. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds before once again lie on your back. This is the most effective exercise for reduction of belly muscles in tone.
  • Dancing. Dance is excellent physical exercise, very good for the heart. In addition, it improves your mood and gives You an overall feeling of psychological recovery.
  • Squats. They are perfectly trained legs and buttocks. If You find it difficult to implement them in the classic version, you can just sit down and get up from the chair again and again.
  • Hoop. He is a versatile trainer that uses many different muscles. Moreover, the Hoop is not expensive sports equipment, and lessons can be held anywhere – at home, in the country, and even while watching TV.


Most women are chronically not getting enough sleep. If You set yourself a sleep mode, You will be surprised at how accelerated Your metabolism. As a result, You will feel a surge of life energy that will give You energy and inspire, instilling a desire to achieve great success on the way to lose excess weight at home.


If nothing can force You to pull yourself together and lose weight - find the associate who has the same goal. If You will control each other, the result is that both sides will benefit. However, one should not go too far in control - just unobtrusive motivate each other and maintain.

Useful tips

slimming sport

Create a mood

In the kitchen and/or dining room light should be bright because lighting does not only You but also junk food much more attractive than in bright light.

Turn up the music, because it can help You cope with stress. Otherwise, there is a probability that in the struggle with owning Your voltage You will eat more than You actually need. If there is a song or disc that have a calming effect on You, keep them always at hand.

Magic blue

Do not use red, yellow or orange paint, painting the walls of the kitchen and/or dining room - these colors fill us with hunger! If Your walls are not blue, and paint them in this color will bring too much trouble, buy blue dishes, napkins, or at least lay on the floor mats blue in color, to achieve the same effect, not summoning unauthorized hunger.

Purchase for the kitchen and the dining room light bulbs with blue light. The blue light does not add to the attractiveness of the food, while warm light is particularly yellow, has the opposite effect. The fast-food restaurants know this, and decades of use of this feature light. And that's why the yellow color predominates in the interior of such establishments, their owners want You to eat more.

The portion size

It is proved that the person eats everything on his plate. Even if there are more than necessary to satisfy hunger. If the dishes in which You serverwide home Desk is a very large, replace them with others who will be less. Also buy smaller glasses so as not to consume too many liquid calories. It is very difficult to control the amount of drink in a big Cup.

Stay away from the kitchen

Many of us talk on the phone in the kitchen, or work at the kitchen table. We are constantly around food, which increases the temptation to eat something without feeling hunger.

Just as You sleep better when you're not in bed - You'll eat better if you stop work in the kitchen.


Research shows that such medicinal plants as lavender, improve sleep, which in turn promote weight loss. Those who sleep 5 hours instead of the recommended 7-8 hours, it is much more likely to suffer from obesity.

Keep sports equipment in sight

Sports equipment in sight will remind You about exercise. If while watching TV You will see the dumbbells or wrap - You have much faster to have a desire to work with them than if they were hidden in the closet.

In addition, if Your house has stairs, use them. The descent and ascent the stairs for 15 minutes can easily help You get rid of 105 calories.

the rules of weight loss

Get rid of loose clothing

Women very often have clothing, which they big that can very quickly lead to weight gain, because Your true shape is not visible for this amount of fabric. Get rid of this unnecessary, and even harmful clothing.

We hope that our advice and recommendations will not only instill in You the determination to end plus-sized clothing in Your wardrobe, but also help to achieve the results which You do not even dreamed of. And the phrase "girlish figure it is easier to keep in memory" will never come into your head in response to his reflection in the mirror. Before applying you should consult with a specialist.