How to lose weight in a month: methods that work

Excess weight is typed in, sometimes unnoticed, especially during the cold period. Portions become more and movements less.

In addition, in autumn and winter, it is a natural slowing of the metabolism and the desire to eat hearty, warming food. If you do not follow the diet, then after a while become obvious problems of weight gain.

lose weight in a month

Usual clothes are either small or ugly sits, body contours become less clear, it becomes harder to move. If the weight gain was relatively small, and to get rid of it easy. It is necessary to follow simple rules and act in all directions.

Only diet or only exercise will help weak and unreliable.

General rules thirty-day weight loss

It must be remembered that rapid weight loss is stressful to the body. Extreme weight loss is fraught with exacerbations of chronic diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and General malaise.

Before you start getting rid of excess weight, visit a specialist at least therapist.

The main problem of all the decisive to lose weight fast reverse weight gain, so even with the raise. It is called the effect yo-yo.

But it can be avoided, if not to hurry and fix the result. Harmless for metabolism can be reset a maximum of 2 kg per week, that is a month with due diligence, and willpower will take four to eight lbs.

In the first days weight will go away very quickly, it's going swelling between the tissues. Then this process is a little slow, but that's okay.

Do not try to accelerate the weight loss even greater restriction of food and more intense exercise. This can lead to failure and nervous exhaustion.

The main task is to promote the metabolism. To make the body of work for processing of incoming food, not the accumulation of reserves.

If done correctly and not to return too quickly to the abundant food, the effect of thirty-day weight-loss will be fixed for a few months.

How to lose weight in four weeks with the help of physical exercises

Sturdy and strong muscles – the key to a good, taut figure. Many women fear resistance training, believing that they will grow their muscle like men.

These fears are unnecessary. Women have a different hormonal background, it seeks to preserve the adipose tissue, needed for the gestation and rearing offspring.

If you do not take synthetic testosterone, the hypertrophied muscle growth will not happen.

exercise for weight loss

We should start with a simple increase in activity during the day. Give up the Elevator and where possible from public transport.

A private car can be moved to the far Parking lot. The more you walk, the better is the easiest and most natural way to exercise the body, it will not harm even those who have serious contraindications to sports.

Three days later, when the body slightly adapts to the increased load, you can move on to more intense cardio exercises. The easiest way to start running.

Pick the right season clothes and certainly high-quality shoes. To go for a run at any convenient time of day, but preferably from the last meal it took at least an hour.

Start with a few minutes of intense running, then go to quick step. After some time, when the body will get stronger, you can hang out for a walk.

Turn in your runs jumps and slopes – it will increase energy consumption and accelerate weight loss. Jogging can be replaced by any available form of cardio. Swimming, Cycling, skiing, dancing – all these activities are good. It is only necessary to observe the rule of gradual increase in load and train on a daily basis.

Simultaneously with running or other cardio loads, you should start to do strength exercises. They will promote the active growth of muscles and increase metabolism.

A strong and flexible body spends to maintain their livelihoods much more calories than you loose and not toned. Accordingly, the more growing muscle mass, the faster the weight loss.

With strength training we have to be more careful not to forget about the necessity of rest and alternating loads. If you are well trained, but don't overwhelm yourself, then the next day will feel a slight tension in the muscles.

Drink orange juice – this will help the muscles to cope with the pain. And be sure to take a break for the day.

Be sure to observe safety precautions. If you decided to go to a gym ask a trainer.

weight loss at home

At home follow the following rules:

  • wear comfortable shoes that does not slip;
  • be sure to warm up the muscles before strength training and a little pull after it;
  • squatting, make sure that the knee was not performed on the sock;
  • the maximum load should be on the exhale, do not clamp the chest, allow oxygen well to saturate the blood;
  • carefully pick weight, increase them gradually.

Start training with the simplest exercise – walking. Lie on the floor face down and raise up, leaning on hands, feet, put on socks, keep your body straight.

Wait as long as possible. Then connect the squats, lunges with weights, crunches and back. Total time strength training should not be less than 25 minutes with warm-up.

How to lose weight with dietary restrictions

No matter how good and useful exercise, without dieting to lose weight will be difficult. Reasonable calorie restriction will soon come to the cherished goal.

The first thing you should do is to remove from your diet sugar, even the "healthy" brown. Replace it, and it is better to accustom to do without sweets.

The next step is to replace the baking of wheat flour white flour whole-wheat flour. It contains useful fiber and less calories. Include in your diet more fresh vegetables. Preferably in every meal to eat a serving of cucumber salad or cabbage. Discard store-bought sauces and processed foods. Even if they have an acceptable composition – they contain too much salt, it causes swelling. Salads better fill crude oil or natural unsweetened yoghurt.

Be sure to eat lean meat – beef, chicken, Turkey. It will provide enough energy for muscle growth. As the heat treatment prefer baking, extinguishing fire or boiled in water or steamed. It is also possible to fry on a dry non-stick pan.

Pre-plan your diet for the next day. Meals should not be less than five. If necessary, take food with you. The establishments usually have a range of dietary meals. This vegetable salads, boiled or baked meat, steamed vegetables.

Refrain for a month from fruit juices and nuts. These products, with all its benefits, is very high in calories and contain a lot of sugar. If you really want – enjoy a compote of dried apricots without sugar.

Divide your meals in equal intervals of time. There should be three main meals and two snacks.

Thanks to this way of eating, even when reducing calories, you will not have time to feel the hunger and not eat extra. In addition, such fractional meal helps to maintain a stable level of sugar in the blood and activates the metabolism.

Be sure to drink plain non-carbonated sweet water, especially in the days of intense workouts. This will prevent dehydration and ease the elimination of toxins, which is inevitable in the transition to a more healthy diet.

proper nutrition

More tips

By following these tips, you can easily reset for the month up to 8 kg, and with regular physical exercise – the body will become more toned. If you do not want to hurt the body, don't try to speed up the process of losing weight, better to be patient and continue the diet with exercise.

There is a theory that the introduction of new habits must pass 30 days. Perhaps, after months of marathon weight loss you will not want to return to their former way of life.

In this case, you should slightly reduce the intensity of stress, otherwise there is a tolerance, and their effectiveness is quite reduced.

While diet may be difficulty in communicating with family and friends. They frankly did not understand your aspirations, or to be persuaded to eat a piece of cake.

Such cases are easier to prevent. Get ready in advance to the meetings, bring candies or a delicious tea. Lose weight in a month quite really. It is necessary to limit caloric intake and be sure to exercise. The effect is striking, even if dropped pounds will be a little body will catch up and will look slimmer. With personal experience weight loss of 10 kg can be found in the video.