Ways to fast weight loss

What does the expression "substantial weight loss"? For someone to take it away 5 cm at the waist again to get into your favorite jeans, and someone needs to literally reduce your weight in half, which exceeded all reasonable limits. Of course, each of these examples there is an optimal strategy that will lead to the desired result.

effective ways to lose weight

Options Express diets

If you need to find 5-10 and 20-30 or more pounds will have to work hard. Remember that you gained them not a month or a year, and then for a couple of weeks off. There are known diet for strong weight loss.

The Dukan Diet

To successfully fight even with a very large excess weight without feeling hungry the Dukan diet. This is one of those diets, the basic principle of which is not a caloric restriction diet, and the changes in its structure. For a few years, this method of weight loss has become so popular that the stores were whole foods for the Dukan diet and the menu of some restaurants, there are dishes cooked in accordance with its principles. A lot of recipes you can find on the Internet.

The Dukan diet consists of four phases:

  1. Attack — protein period, when sharply limits the amount of carbohydrates and fats in the diet. Lasts, depending on quantity of excess weight, from 2 to 10 days.
  2. Striping — protein diet are vegetables, 15-330 days.
  3. Consolidation — further expanding the menu on one fruit and up to 40 g low-fat cheese a day, 50-500 days.
  4. Stabilization normal diet with one protein day a week and daily use of oat bran.

There are some mandatory rules of the diet Pierre Ducane:

  • Complete exclusion of animal and vegetable fats, mayonnaise;
  • Daily consumption of 1.5 to 3 tbsp oat bran;
  • 2 liters of water a day;
  • Hiking for 30 minutes a day, refusal to lift.

Even at the last stage of the diet is advised to refrain from sugar, alcohol, fried potatoes, and such fruits and berries as bananas, figs, grapes, cherries, cherries. The duration of the phases of the Dukan diet is designed to reset from 5 to 50 kg of excess weight.

Clear benefits, the diet can be considered:

The lack of restrictions in the use of protein products, and therefore no feelings of hunger and a sharp loss of muscle mass;

  • Results in the first days of diet;
  • Rapid loss of weight mainly due to adipose tissue;
  • Improve the condition of hair, nails and skin;
  • Retain the result after the diet.
food options on the diet

However, there are also disadvantages. The first stage of the diet can lead to so-called protein poisoning. He is, literally, a blow to the kidneys, which can not always withstand excessive load. Therefore, preferably before starting your diet to consult a doctor, or at least to make some tests to check the status of their kidneys.

In connection with the sharp restriction of carbohydrates in the diet at the initial stage of the diet is also possible symptoms of starvation of the brain, lower blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, etc. Especially probable side effects of diet when you need to throw a lot of weight, as in this case, the first and most difficult for the body stage lasts a long time.

Diet "Minus 60"

The Creator of the diet "Minus 60" Ekaterina Mirimanova and a half years weight 60 kg, which gave the name to this power system. A huge benefit of the diet is that you can eat everything, including the fries and cakes with candy, the main thing is when there is.

The basic principles of the system "Minus 60":

  1. Compulsory Breakfast is just not to limit myself in anything. If you get up early or can not immediately after waking up is tight, you can do 2 Breakfast – easy and thorough.
  2. Drinking tea or coffee in unlimited quantities — up to 12 hours, even with sugar. Of alcohol allowed dry red wine in the morning.
  3. Sweet! But again, up to 12 hours. Chocolate lovers will have to move gradually from milky to black and bitter.
  4. White bread in the morning, rye for lunch, and no dinner. For lunch, the bread cannot be combined with meat, poultry, fish.
  5. You can dine even potatoes or pasta if they are vegetables or some cheese. In the morning these foods can be eaten with anything, but dinner is quite impossible.
  6. Dinner no later than 3 hours before bedtime and no later than 20:00. Allowed the combination of cereals (cottage cheese) with vegetables or grains (curd) with fruits. Protein foods you can eat for dinner only separate from everything.
  7. Water to drink as much as you like — you don't have a few liters a day.
  8. Moderate physical activity required, but extra training voluntarily.

On the power system "Minus 60" quietly lost so many women with truly disastrous initial weight, including the author. It does not involve any sudden restrictions, does not create additional load on the body, therefore, has no contraindications or side effects.

Other highly effective ways to lose weight

To lose 15-20 pounds in three months is possible, if 2-3 times a week to arrange fasting days on raw food. That is, through the day eating only raw plant foods and limiting your diet the other days, can be quite fast and useful for the body to lose weight. This significantly improves the work of stomach-intestinal tract, will remove excessive burden from the pancreas and liver that will positively affect the condition of skin, hair, nails.

ways to fast weight loss

It is well-known and so-called cabbage soup diet. Its principle is simple — you can eat everything and in any quantity, but 2/3 of each meal should be raw, stewed or pickled cabbage. This ensures a sufficient amount of fiber in the diet, as well as naturally regulated by the amount of any food.

Effectively manage your weight. athletes with the help of counting calories. They hold in this case calculated taking into account individual characteristics, number of workouts and fitness goals, diet, follow his structure. This method allows anyone to steadily lose weight without hunger and damage to the body.

How much to lose weight in a month?

Are there ways much lose weight in a month? One of these is the above-mentioned raw food. The power of raw plant foods is becoming more and more popular all over the world — many adherents of raw foodism call it species human nutrition, the most useful and natural for him. Therefore, if you urgently need to lose weight but to limit yourself to food you don't like, why not test this theory?

The nice thing is that you can eat what you want and at any time of the day. The basis of the diet — fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables. In limited quantities, you can eat sprouted wheat and buckwheat, raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin, nuts, honey, vegetable oil, cold pressed. Typically, when you transition to a way of eating in the first month there is a rapid weight loss.

Another drastic method of losing weight without harm to health — contingent therapeutic fasting. "Conditional" because it is based on the use of special purifying herbal tea with honey. That is, it is not fast — the nutrients the body receives, but it is mostly not proteins, fats and carbohydrates and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). The course of fasting, the Minister is 21 days, with competent input and output work just about a month. And the result is not only a good plumb line, but also the health of the body.

Much how to lose weight in 2 weeks?

Much to lose weight 2 weeks is also possible, but will have to make efforts and to mobilize all his will, after all, hard to stay on a low carbohydrate diet is not so easy. Are allowed to eat only protein foods — lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, low fat cottage cheese, etc. and veggies, except potatoes. Preferably raw and green (cucumber, zucchini, cabbage, greens, spinach, etc.), can sometimes be steamed.

It is important to significantly increase physical activity. If overweight is not much and joints healthy, engage in high intensity cardio workouts. Running, jumping rope, aerobics, etc. People with a significant excess of body weight are suitable walking, Aqua aerobics, stationary bike. Weight training will not have time to play a special role in such a short period of time.

With a significant increase in motor activity and severe deficiency of carbohydrates the body will have to provide for their livelihoods at the expense of stocks. If you work on yourself with maximum efficiency, you can lose up to 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

lose weight in a week

How to lose weight much in one week?

Of course, the week — too short for a lot of weight, but in this case, you can something get. First of all, it is good to clean the intestines. This can be done in different ways. So, in medical institution with the help of modern procedures of colon hydrotherapy you will get an immediate plummet in a few pounds. And let it not fat but also not the desired deposits. After the procedure, you will feel lighter, my stomach is visually reduced, digestion aktiviziruyutsya, and hence the weight loss go faster.

A good way to begin your week-long weight loss – fasting day on the salad "Brush". Mix 0.5 kg of finely shredded cabbage or 0.5 kg grated celery with 0.5 kg of grated carrots and 0.5 kg of grated beets, season the salad with lemon juice, eat several meals throughout the day. You can drink water, herbal teas or green tea without sugar.

For quick weight loss select the appropriate mono-diet. For example, rice, it will be removed from the digestive tract all that is not cleared by the previous procedures. Eat during the week, unsalted brown rice.

In addition to water, you can drink fresh Apple juice in moderation, and with a strong hunger or constipation is to eat a couple of green apples a day.

More than a week to sit on such a diet is not necessary, as it may suffer the digestive tract, and overall health, because you severely limit the body with essential substances.

General principles quick weight loss

To gain the figure of your dreams, you need to ensure that consumed with food the quantity of energy day by day to achieve the desired result remained lower energy costs. Therefore, any diet, with rare exceptions, are only created in order to restrict caloric intake. The more severe the diet, the more likely the failure and subsequent weight gain. That is why nutritionists recommend to prefer strict diets dietary guidelines.

What are these principles? These are the rules by which it is possible for life to eat tasty and varied, not gaining excess weight, staying slim, active and healthy. And even if you decide for whatever reason to go on a strict diet to lose ten pounds in a month, following in the future, these rules will help to maintain desired weight:

  1. The complete exclusion from the diet of fast food, foods containing flavor enhancers and TRANS fats, soft drinks, packaged juices.
  2. Maximum limit consumption of salt, sugar, starchy foods, products from flour, confectionery, alcohol. Sweet may: up to 30 g dark (70% cocoa) chocolate and about 1 tbsp of honey a day. Of alcohol — a glass of dry wine a week.
  3. Mandatory daily consumption of fresh vegetables (as much as possible), berries and fruits (in limited quantities), foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (marine fish 2-3 times per week, walnuts, almonds, flax seed, linseed and camelina oil, dietary Supplements).
  4. At least 1.5 liters of clean water a day in hot weather — up to 2.5 litres or more.
  5. You cannot skip Breakfast. According to the energy value it needs to be about 40% of daily diet.
  6. Carbohydrate foods (cereals, pasta from durum wheat, boiled or baked potato, fruit) to be eaten in the first half of the day, vegetables (except potatoes) and protein foods — at any time.
  7. Cooking to be limited to such methods as boiling, baking, steamed.
  8. Low physical activity is a daily Hiking for hours and 2-3 workouts a week (dancing, fitness, Aqua aerobics, etc., depending on age, health status and desires).
  9. Regular — about every two weeks — day break from the diet when you can eat everything, including prohibited foods, but in reasonable limits, of course.
slimming in the legs

How much lose weight in the legs?

Very often girls and women with a normal weight are dissatisfied with some parts of his body. For example, feet. To lead imperfect legs into line with their ideas about the ideal, you can use a set of special exercises:

To weight loss was healthy, and not a burden to the psyche and persistent, it is necessary to be conscious. The best way to become slimmer is to comply with the principles of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, moderation in food and high physical activity. But in some cases it is possible to resort to emergency funds. You only need to understand the risks and weigh them with their goals.