How to reset for the week of 7 kg: the basic rules of food and diets.

There is always an excuse when you need urgent and fast to lose weight. Most people dream to lose weight, while few people want to follow a strict diet or exercise. There are many ways how to lose weight in a week on 7 lbs. Any method is chosen based on individual characteristics. Some diets have certain contraindications, for this reason, the diet should suit the condition.

the rules for successful weight loss

Rules fast and successful weight loss

Sometimes people aren't thinking about what they eat, and that is why many are gaining weight. To figure was slender enough to stick to healthy and proper nutrition. Then you won't have to sit on a strict diet, and torturing the body by starvation. The principle of healthy nutrition is a balanced food. That is, the use of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be under control. Adhering to the right of the daily diet, people each week losing 5 pounds. To completely eliminate fats and carbohydrates, as they are necessary for normal functioning of the body. Simply reduce their consumption.

You cannot achieve good results without exercise. The lessons can be held at home or in the gym. The movement is life. It is, for example, you can make long walks. Besides the fresh air has a positive effect on emotional state. Losing weight often people experiencing stress or depression, and workout helps to improve mental state, and also results in muscle tone and energizes. Charging is preferably carried out or in the morning or in the evening.

When you visit a fitness personal trainer will tell you what exercises will be most effective. However, if you cannot visit the gym, all exercises can be performed at home.

The person who is losing weight, be sure to once a week to weigh in. When the scale shows a decrease, it gives me strength to move on. When the result on the scales is missing or on the contrary increased, this suggests that the method quick weight loss does not help. And you want to change tactics, you need to focus on the sports activities and to eliminate from the diet certain foods that prevent the breakdown of fats.

For effective weight loss you want to keep drinking regime. Nutritionists advise to drink plain water about 1.5 liters per day. It is impossible to prevent dehydration. For weight loss you can drink green tea or coffee, but without the added sugar. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices will not damage the figure. Juice based on fruits need to dilute 1/3 with water, due to the high content of glucose. Dairy products can be consumed, but you must choose the ones that have the least percentage of fat.

Subject to diet can not eat before bedtime. The last meal should be 3-4 hours before bedtime. The body needs time to digest everything eaten foods. When a person sleeps, the digestive organs rest. And it turns out that substances that are not metabolized, remain in the body and go into a fat fold.

For many years nutritionists say that to lose weight you can use a fractional power. Not required to comply with strict diets required to eat 6-7 times a day. This diet assumes that food enters the esophagus in small amounts. Sometimes during the observance of the fractional power a person has the feeling of hunger between meals. Then you can make a small snack or drink 1-2 glasses of water. As a snack can be an Apple or no fat yogurt.

Largely excess weight can cause accumulation of toxins in the intestinal digestive system. To get rid of them with baths and saunas. Such procedures will withdraw from the body all the excess fluid, and improve cardiac muscle work, as the increased circulation of blood through the vessels. All these rules will help to quickly and effectively get rid of extra pounds. Don't forget to pay attention not only to diet, but and to exercise.

diet for weight loss

Diets for quick getting rid of extra pounds

When there is a need to lose weight, without diet can not do. To achieve the result required strictly to comply with all regulations, if you do not complete a paragraph, then body weight will not change.

Peasant diet

This method of struggle against excess weights is so named because it is close to the diet, which were the ancient inhabitants in Russia. In the spring, stocks of meats ended, and people went on eating vegetables and fruits. The weight loss is due to burning of accumulated fats in the body. In this diet eat the following foods – eggs, vegetables, rice, buckwheat, cottage cheese, lean meats, juices extraction. You should pay attention that not all vegetables can be eaten, with the exception of the potato is due to a significant starch content.

Except potatoes excluded from the diet:

  • Fat dairy products;
  • Bakery products;
  • Alcohol-containing products; sweet.

A sample diet for 1 day:

  1. Breakfast – cottage cheese and green tea;
  2. Lunch – boiled not greasy meat and salad from fresh vegetables;
  3. Dinner – fresh juice, steamed vegetables and buckwheat.

Low-carb diet

Nutritionists assure that consumption of products low in carbohydrates leads to weight reduction. Using a low-carb diet people 14 days can throw off about 10 pounds. To achieve the result from your daily diet completely excludes fats and carbohydrates enter small quantities. Allowed to use the following products:

  • The raw vegetables, except potatoes;
  • Fish that are not oily;
  • Lean meat, but only in the boiled condition.

All the fixin's banned, but for taste you can use lime or lemon juice. They are perfect as a dressing and will also help with the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

Diet is the method Jennifer Lopez

After giving birth, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has strongly gained weight, but after a while returned to the previous form. As stated by the actress herself, she did not sit on a strict diet. For weight loss she used a low calorie diet. On the day she consumed not more than 1400 calories, and a significant emphasis on sports. Sample menu for the day:

  1. Breakfast – Apple, cocoa and cinnamon, but no added sugar;
  2. Snack – fresh juice and bread;
  3. Lunch – low fat cottage cheese and fresh fruit;
  4. Snack – fruit or berries;
  5. Steamed vegetables and steamed fish.
diet onion soup

Diet "Onion soup"

This diet is suitable for those who like soups. Throughout the week you will eat only onion soup and fresh fruit and vegetables. What is so useful onion soup? Doctors claim that it helps burn subcutaneous fat, promote metabolism, and also improves the health of the digestive tract. During the period of the diet you can drink only simple and non-carbonated water and also very useful to drink herbal teas and infusions. They help to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins that hinder the normal work of the intestine and provoke stagnation.

For cooking soup you will need:

  • 2 PCs – bell pepper;
  • 250 gr. – tomato;
  • 1 cabbage;
  • 1 bunch of celery;
  • 8 PCs of bulbs.

Method of preparation:

  1. All the vegetables cut into small cubes;
  2. After placed in a container of water, enough 1 spoon;
  3. Then put on the heat and brought to boiling;
  4. Once the soup is boiling, you want to cook for another 10-15 minutes on low heat.

In the preparation of onion soup is prohibited to use any seasoning, including salt.

Diet doctors

Diet is very strict and respect its not everyone losing weight people. The first day you can eat only simple and non-carbonated water. It is important that restrictions on the amount of alcohol consumed does not exist. On the second day a person can only drink 800 ml of milk with a low percentage of fat. This dose should be divided into eight techniques, that is, once you can drink only 100 ml. on the third day again, drink only plain water. On the fourth day accepts the products is fresh vegetables, but a day not more than 1 kilogram. The water in this day in restriction and is only 0.5 L. the Fifth day repeats the menu of the second, only milk and nothing more. On the sixth day the menu is more varied and consists of three meals:

  • Breakfast – one egg and tea without sugar;
  • Lunch – small piece of meat – 100 gr. in this case it is necessary to boil without adding any spices;
  • Dinner – green Apple.

On the seventh day, the menu looks as follows:

  1. Breakfast – 200 ml of water;
  2. Lunch – low fat cottage cheese and a glass of milk;
  3. Dinner – tea without sugar.

This diet was designed specifically for quick weight loss. However, not everyone can stick to it, because the daily ration is minimal. However, fans of this technique are many, as the dropped weight is not returned. The result achieved in a short time. As the diet small, the person in the first days can cause discomfort is the headaches, frequent dizziness. If the frequency of the pain only intensifies, you should seek medical help and to choose another method of weight loss.

kefir diet

Kefir diet

This diet is one of the most popular methods of fight against excess weight. Thanks to her, reduced their body weight by many women. The diet is quite strict, it is not recommended to use in chronic diseases. The condition can rapidly deteriorate. This method is designed more for a healthy body.

Through this method of weight loss can improve the digestive tract, it also helps to improve the metabolic processes in the body. For the reason that it displays all the toxic substances. Kefir diet increases protection of the immune system and also lowers the rate of cholesterol in the circulatory system.

All seven days a person consumes 1.5 liters of yogurt. Preference is given to the product with a low content of fat. However, despite all the rigor, furthermore it is possible to eat one product from the list. The list of permitted food:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • Fish is 100-150 g. for a couple;
  • Young and boiled beef not more than 100 g.;
  • Chicken fillet – 100 gr.;
  • Potatoes – 5 PCs.

Salad diet

The person who loses weight, you need to prepare for what week you want to eat only leaves of lettuce. However, there are exemptions, it is possible to eat fruits. But their number is limited.

Sample menu:

  1. Breakfast – a glass of pure non-carbonated water and fruit;
  2. Lunch – green salad;
  3. Dinner tea without adding sugar.

Nutritionists recommend adding a few drops of lemon juice and as a fruit to eat green apples and citrus. This will aid in the digestion of fatty substances in the body. Thanks to them will improve the intestinal-digestive tract. The result can be seen after a few days.

Milk diet

This diet means that the diet consists of milk and yoghurt. These products must have the lowest percentage of fat, it is best to use low fat. If you drink milk, the day allowed to drink about 1 litre. It is not consumed over time and in several stages. Yogurt can be used as a dressing fruit salads. However, when diet is not all fruits can be eaten, such as bananas and grapes are banned. They are composed of extremely large amounts of sucrose, which will lead to not reduce weight, but to its increase. Preferably choose the fruits group citrus is tangerines, oranges, grapefruit also kiwi, and green Apple.

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat culture is a valuable product for the body, as it can saturate, but it can help you effectively lose weight in the short term. In addition, buckwheat has various nutrients that promote the excretion of unfavorable elements.

However, this diet porridge is boiled and poured boiling water. That is to prepare it in a different way. In a container filled with one Cup of cereal and poured two cups of boiling water, insist 12 hours. Then the buckwheat is ready and can eat. This portion is designed for one day. It is important that the porridge not to add salt or other spices. However, nutritionists recommend to add a small amount of 1% of yogurt for taste. Steamed buckwheat preferably in the evening then the morning makes it possible for you to use.

The diet is quite strict and in case of any discomfort, you must seek the advice of a doctor.

oat diet

Oat diet

This diet will appeal to those who like Hercules. It's pretty simple and tasty. It is possible to easily get rid of extra pounds. Entire week eating only porridge of Hercules. However, when cooking you must remember not to add a variety of spices. However, if you cannot eat porridge without spices, allowed minor add yogurt with low-fat or fat-free yogurt. On the fifth day in daily diet, you can enter Apple or cucumber.

You should pay special attention that the physical load for the entire period of compliance with the diet are reversed. This is because such a diet is extremely weakens the internal systems. And additional load can lead to serious health complications. In this period of time you need to spend more time outdoors. At the end of the diet, return to normal diet should be gradually, it is impossible to eat in large quantities.