Diet for gastritis: how to build a diet for inflammation of the gastric mucosa

Modern people tend to eat correctly. For normal meals is often not enough time. The composition of the products leaves much to be desired. Under the influence of these and other negative factors develop the disease of the digestive tract. The most common of them is gastritis. In addition to medicines, the treatment has some limits on the menu. Diet for gastritis you eat food, which helps accelerate the healing mucosa and prevent re-inflammation.

diet for gastritis

The main symptoms of gastritis — stomach pain. Often "hungry". There is a person to eat, the discomfort almost completely disappear. Such dynamics are inherent to chronic gastritis. Running disease has very negative implications, until the development of the cancer process. In acute gastritis the pain is very intense. If you do not pay enough attention to treatment, there is a risk of ulcers and bleeding. In the treatment of gastric diseases diet occupies a leading position.

Competent diagnosis: why it matters

The diagnosis of gastritis should be entrusted to a specialist. Stomach pain — no reason to swallow antispasmodics and drugs that reduce the acidity. If there is a temporary or permanent discomfort of any intensity you should consult a gastroenterologist.

Diet as medical treatment, it is incorrect to pick your own. Gastritis can be of different forms and degrees. Each of them requires an individual approach to diet therapy. Gastritis happens:

  • with reduced secretory function of the stomach;
  • with the increased secretion;
  • sharp;
  • chronic.

Atrophic gastritis (low acidity) require the introduction into the diet mild stimulant of gastric secretion. And, for example, hyperacidity (acidity) — full their exclusion from the daily diet.

There are also differences in diet-dependent form of the disease. Acute inflammation requires the utmost gentle treatment for the stomach. In the convalescent phase is chosen adapting the diet. Further diet appointed, preventing the transition of diseases into a chronic form, but provide the body with all the nutrients.

Without proper diagnosis to determine exactly the form of gastritis is impossible. That is why with stomach problems should consult a doctor. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of a therapeutic diet for a child or teenager. If time does not create optimal conditions for the complete cure of the disease, the gastritis will go into a chronic form and will require observance of the diet throughout life.

Varieties "stomach" tables

The doctor picks up a diet for a patient with a diagnosis of "gastritis", given the presence of comorbidities. Most often, the inflammation of the gastric mucosa is a consequence or, on the contrary, entails pathology:

  • pancreas;
  • gallbladder;
  • liver;
  • of the intestine.

When comorbid diagnoses diet should not only promote healing of the gastric mucosa, but also to normalize the function of other organs. It also aims to optimize evacuation function of the stomach, small intestine and colon. This approach will automatically decrease the load on the pancreas and liver.

Physicians prescribed for gastritis one of the diets of Manuel Pevzner. A famous doctor has developed a range of different options of therapeutic feeding. Among them are the options for the treatment of gastritis of different types.

foods for gastritis
  • Diet No. 1. Used for the treatment of acute gastritis, rolling in the phase of recovery, chronic hypoacid gastritis in acute phase, chronic gastritis with normal secretory function.
  • Diet № 1A. Provides maximum sparing of the gastric mucosa. Applied in the acute phase, accompanied by the risk of opening the stomach ulcers and bleeding. Assigned to the patient for a short time.
  • Diet № 5. Assigned patients with chronic gastritis, not accompanied by a violation of gastric acidity. Also, table No. 5 is used in the presence of concomitant diseases: cholecystitis, pancreatitis.

The basic principle of diet therapy gastritis — to treat not the disease but the patient. This means that the menu is based on General recommendations, adapted to the needs of a particular patient. Recommending a particular table, a gastroenterologist takes into account the patient's condition, his way of life and the list of prescribed medicines.

Diet for gastritis: General rules

Diet for gastritis starts immediately after diagnosis of the disease. In the acute form the inflammation of the lining of the stomach can induce vomiting. Is a protective reaction of the organism. Therefore, in the first couple of days of the period of aggravation may be shown fasting: the patient drinks plenty of pure water and observe bed rest. Followed by a short period of very strict dieting:

  • the volume of consumed food in small portions every two hours;
  • form — all meals are liquid and mucous consistency;
  • salt is completely eliminated;
  • stimuli — a ban on harmful to mucous substances;
  • cooking — only cooking.

In compliance with dietary recommendations and proper administration of drugs acute stage docked to the fifth day of treatment. The diet of the patient change based on the individual characteristics of the disease. The list of products is growing, it includes:

  • lean meat — processed form (souffles and puddings);
  • light soups — with the most tenderized cereals and creamy dressing;
  • fish — in the form of a soufflé and meatballs (steam);
  • eggs — scrambled or an egg white omelet (steam);
  • tea — plus a bit of milk;
  • gruel — rice, oats;
  • butter — a little bit;
  • fruits and berries — jellies and jellies.

It is very important to eat with gastritis in a sparing mode. Can't eat or drink too hot or cold foods. Optimum temperature is from 20° to 52° degrees. In the acute stage, all food must be barely warm.

Meet stringent chemical, mechanical, temperature alone is the key to quick and effective restoration of damaged areas of the mucosa. This is beneficial in any disease, including, in erosive gastritis. Restoration of epithelium to prevent such complications of gastritis as ulcers and internal bleeding.

When the acute period has passed

what can gastritis

Nutrition for gastritis beyond the acute period require moderate gentle treatment for the stomach. The task of the diet to provide the body with essential nutrients. From the diet removes foods that trigger inflammation. Saturate it with protein, which is necessary for healing of injured epithelium. A huge role ensuring the evacuation function of digestive tract: constipation and fermentation processes in the intestine is highly undesirable for gastritis.

Permitted foods are steamed, boiled, roasted. Urgent need for chafing anymore. However, the food pieces must not contain rude elements that can damage the mucosa. Read more about the diet of patients with gastritis says the following table.

Table — What can I eat with gastritis (outside the acute phase)

Category List of foods and dishes Features
Soups — Vegetable broth with barley;
— soups based on vegetables
— Maximum tenderize rump;
use vegetables low in fiber
Bakery products — Yesterday's white bread;
— yesterday's not butter cakes
— Fresh bread is dried;
— give preference to white varieties
Meat and fish products — Lean pork;
— veal;
— chicken;
— Turkey
— low-fat river fish without skin
— Prepare mashed potatoes, meatballs, a souffle, puddings;
— allow the consumption of fish by the piece
Cereals — Buckwheat;
— oatmeal;
— semolina;
— Prepare water (you can pour a little milk);
— good grind or tenderize
Vegetables and fruits — Potatoes;
— cauliflower;
— carrot;
— beets
— Boiled in water or steamed;
— grind into a puree or cook a souffle
Milk and eggs — Cottage cheese;
— milk and cream (with caution);
— eggs (no more than two per day)
— Prepare soufflé cheese, lazy dumplings, cheese cakes;
milk added to tea and porridge;
— boiled eggs soft-boiled or steam omelets are doing

Diet for gastritis can not eat products, greatly stimulating the secretion. These include a strong meat and fish broth, broth of vegetables and mushrooms. The ban on annoying drinks:

  • soda;
  • strong tea;
  • coffee;
  • alcoholic cocktails;
  • fruit juices.

The latter is diluted before use with water or just prepare compote of fruits.

Fatty and stringy meats (some varieties of pork and beef, anatis, goose) are completely excluded from the diet. Fatty marine fish are used very rarely, and river carefully cleaned of skin, ligaments, cartilage and bones.

vegetables for gastritis

Very selective to treat vegetables. A large amount of fiber in them can hinder the process of digestion and provoke secretory activity of the epithelium of the stomach and other digestive organs. Pickles, pickles and sour vegetables also completely exclude. In chronic gastritis is prohibited:

  • radish;
  • cabbage;
  • mushrooms;
  • cucumbers;
  • sorrel;
  • legumes.

The caution should apply to frugum. Barley, millet, barley and corn porridge can damage mucous membranes, so they are best avoided for the entire period of the diet.

Especially attentively it is necessary to control the power of gastritis in children and in pregnant women. Unquestioning adherence to the rules of diet will ensure less need for medication, which is the main goal in this case.

If the acidity is high...

Diet for gastritis with high acidity requires a complete exclusion from the diet of provocateurs active in the secretion of hydrochloric acid. The rejection of them relevant to the time diet, and also out of compliance with a specific diet, forbidden foods, can provoke exacerbation of the disease. These include:

  • dairy products;
  • soda;
  • fried foods;
  • meats;
  • salty meals;
  • cabbage in any form;
  • acidic fruits (citrus);
  • alcohol;
  • sweets;
  • meat, mushroom, fish broth.

The best food for a patient with hypersecretory gastritis is oat and buckwheat groats, whole milk, seafood, skimmed meat and fish. Soft texture provide quality digestion of food and easy evacuation of the bolus from the stomach.

... and reduced

Diet for gastritis with low acidity, on the contrary, requires mild stimulation of hydrochloric acid by cells of the epithelium. This should not happen mechanical and temperature irritation. It can cause death of secretory cells with deterioration of the patient. Food should seduce the stomach actively and meaningfully to digest on its own. It is important to prevent the hypersecretion of bile and pancreatic juice.

From the diet completely eliminated milk, but in moderate quantities are introduced:

  • dairy products (in any form);
  • cabbage;
  • a small amount of citrus;
  • meat and fish broths.

Decoctions of meat and fish should be "second", to avoid strain on the gastrointestinal tract. Vegetables should be careful. In raw form, they are still prohibited. But mashed potatoes and souffle of pumpkin, broccoli, zucchini, carrots can be present on the patient table daily.

Diet for gastritis should not be used for weight loss. In a healthy person it can cause a slowing of metabolic processes and tendency to constipation. The reason for that is a light for digestion and assimilation of food consistency (barbatus).


Menu every day for gastritis may include forgotten, but useful and tasty recipes baby food. For the preparation of puree and souffle is better to use a blender. Another assistant multivarka. It boiled cereals adolebit and steam to cook food quickly. Diet menu for gastritis for each new week you can make, focusing on the following example.


menu for gastritis
  • Morning. The soft-boiled egg.
  • Lunch. Oatmeal soup with the addition of egg and cream mixture.
  • Evening. Boiled lean fish, baked in milk sauce.
  • Than to eat. Carrot puree. Berry mousse. Milk or yogurt (depending on the form of gastritis).


  • Morning. Steam protein omelet.
  • Lunch. Rice soup and meat soup.
  • Evening. Cheesecake.
  • Than to eat. Dairy products, fruit jelly, baked Apple barbatus.


  • Morning. Semolina porridge and soft-boiled egg.
  • Lunch. Potato soup and cheesecake.
  • Evening. Fish meatballs and carrot-beetroot puree.
  • Than to eat. Not sour cottage cheese, crackers, bread from not fancy pastry.


  • Morning. Lazy pierogi.
  • Lunch. Rice soup and pudding from Turkey.
  • Evening. Vegetable stew, barbatus through a sieve.
  • Than to eat. Cooked sausage treated with steam. Baked Apple with cottage cheese.


  • Morning. Rice porridge and soft-boiled egg.
  • Lunch. Soup-mashed potatoes from vegetables. Steamed pike-perch. Tenderized semolina.
  • Evening. Casserole with cheese and rice, salad of boiled vegetables without the skins.
  • Than to eat. Jelly, jelly, dairy products.

Diet for gastritis eliminates the use of spices, hot spices, and sauces. Should abandon fatty sausages and ham from fat. Dramatically increase the burden on the stomach can even black bread. The exclusion of these products either temporarily or for life will only help to health, so do not perceive these limitations as a deprivation. Also requires attentive attitude. Hunger should acolatse quickly and only correct food.