Proper diet to lose weight — tips nutritionists

Tired to sit on hunger diets that do not work? The solution is healthy meals for losing weight and maintaining harmony. Competent advice on weight reduction with no restrictions in food.

proper nutrition for weight loss

Any person with excess weight, at least once in life resorted to dieting. As promised by the numerous authors of these recommendations, in the short term, limiting themselves to a particular product, it's easy to get rid of fat in the right places very quickly. Most of these systems weight loss outright quackery and lose weight with their help it is unlikely, and those who work, prove to be harmful to health.

The ABC of harmony and beauty

Proper nutrition allows you to lose weight without the stress, disruption of food, health problems. But as in any science-based system, there is a theoretical base, you want to know. Get acquainted with the basic tenets to drop those extra pounds wisely.

It is better to eat frequent, small meals. This mode allows to maintain the necessary level of blood sugar. You will not feel hunger. The volume of food absorbed to be small. Serving of vegetables, about 150 grams, soup 250 ml fish or meat 70-150 g, cottage cheese — standard pack (180 g), milk or yogurt, juice 1 Cup. A piece of fruit, berries 0.5 cups.
The optimal interval between meals 3.5 hours, it was during this time, previously eaten, metabolized completely.

Dinner after 18.00 is not only possible, but necessary. The last meal is 3 hours before bedtime. The interval between the morning and the evening meal not more than 10 hours.

Intake of carbohydrates after 16.00 is reduced to a minimum, and sweet and is better to move the first half of the day.

The rate of liquid 1.5-2 liters per day, this includes entrees and drinks like tea or coffee. Nutritionists recommend to consume at least 6 cups of normal water.

Seafood is necessary for all without exception, because they contain iodine activates the thyroid gland, that is, speed up the metabolism.

Salt retains water in the body, thereby prevents to get rid of excess weight. To completely abandon its use is not necessary, but to minimize does not hurt. The recommended intake is around 5 g per day, based on the content in the final products.

The effect of this weight loss is short-term, at the end of the term, the dropped pounds come back with a vengeance. And well if they are not joining a bunch of diseases, gradually turning into chronic. You need to understand that any diet is a hot commodity that should be sold. The authors of these methods do not care deeply for the end result and your health. The guarantee can only be given proper nutrition for losing weight and staying in good shape.

calories for weight loss

How many calories need for weight loss?

The human body needs energy to maintain life processes. The number of necessary "fuel" in each case individually, depending on weight, age, sex, physical activity. To the process of weight loss was successful, the body must burn more calories than it receives. The most effective way to reduce weight is to eat less and increase physical activity.

Try to figure out how many calories are in food you need to consume daily to lose weight. Daily rate the average person 2-2,5 thousand kcal, it is logical that losing weight needs a smaller amount to the body began to use its reserves, of the pending "rainy day".

It is believed that a stable and safe weight loss need to lose weight no more than 3-4 kg per month. To a week to get rid of pounds of pure fat, enough to reduce the diet of only 700 calories.

To diet to cut calories, refrain from useless products: a glass of coke and a pack of 2% cottage cheese about equal. But one product will give a long lasting feeling of satiety and the fat on the waist won't do any good.

Try to cook foods without using oil.

Do not use food store-bought sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup are the main enemies of losing weight. Such minor changes will give a noticeable minus in total calorie daily diet, and appearance will have a positive impact.

Choose healthy foods

A system of proper nutrition is not a diet so menu diet includes proteins, carbohydrates and fats in required quantities. Special restrictions also not supposed to, but since we are talking about healthy eating, objectively harmful products will have to exclude or significantly limit.

Unwanted include:

  • Smoked delicacies, meat and fish;
  • Canned foods, including vegetables;
  • Fatty meats (pork, lamb);
  • Ready-prepared foods;
  • Salted nuts and potato chips;
  • Store-bought sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.);
  • Fried foods;
  • Sweet pastries;
  • Crab sticks;
  • Confectionery;
  • Packaged juices;
  • Prepared desserts (mousse, jelly).

It is not recommended to eat any fast food. Applies to them even oatmeal bags.

harmful products

Excess salt, sweeteners, colors, flavors will not benefit your health. From buying grilled chicken too best to refuse, as thus prepared, the carcass is literally saturated with harmful fats.

The number of different meat products in the diet: sausage, ham, frankfurters, sausages, it is better to minimize. They contain a huge amount of "chemistry" and fat. In addition, most manufacturers add to their products are not the most useful fillers.

Therefore, it is impossible to determine what you actually eat. In addition, hot dogs and sausages a lot of salt, even if there is a need to eat a piece of "doctor", it is better to boil.

Vegetables and fruits should be logged in the daily menu is necessary. They contained fiber, vitamins and minerals provide the body with all necessary. The most useful are seasonal vegetables and fruits grown in your area.

Terms of use, the Apple from the branch is much better exotic mango or bananas, and carrots or beets is preferable to avocado. A healthy menu should contain at least 300 grams of vegetables and as much unsweetened fruit.

Whole grains and legumes contain, besides starch and fiber, important minerals such as iron, magnesium, folic acid, selenium, potassium. They contain vitamins that have a positive effect on the immune and nervous system. Products which have undergone minimal processing, such as brown rice or bread made from wheat flour, much more useful than their "brothers".

Simple carbohydrates, which include sugar and honey, best eaten in limited quantities as a special benefit to the body. For this reason, should not be abused and dried fruits. Unlike fresh fruits, they contain large amounts of fructose. Therefore, it is better to eat them individually as a snack.

Designer menu for weight loss

A healthy, proper diet weight loss it is not difficult, if you approach the process intelligently. To the right foods always at hand, you need to make a menu for the week and buy everything you need. "Harm" remove from the refrigerator, to avoid unnecessary temptations.

As we have repeatedly said, a proper diet doesn't limit you to a rigid framework. Therefore, to give here the list of dishes, respectively, days of the week, we will not, but just imagine the possible options, from which you will make weekly menu for weight loss.


Breakfast should consist of protein products and slowly digestible carbohydrate food.

Our task is to shake up the metabolism, charge the body with vigor and to keep the feeling of satiety until lunch.

Useful options of Breakfast:

healthy Breakfast
  1. Steam scrambled eggs and vegetable cutting;
  2. Pasta of durum wheat with cheese (100 g/30 g);
  3. Cottage cheese with berries and a spoon of honey;
  4. Two boiled eggs with vegetable salad;
  5. Oatmeal and fruit salad (kiwi, Apple, pear, Mandarin and a little maple syrup);
  6. Cauliflower baked in an egg;
  7. Pita with chicken breast (50 grams), tomato, lettuce, and homemade mayonnaise.

Drink your choice, the one which was used: coffee, tea, unsweetened juice, vegetable juice, milk.


Lunch, according to nutritionists, should always include a soup, a full dish and even dessert. And

sweet should be consumed immediately after a meal, the blood sugar remained stable.

The potatoes in the first dish better not to put. Preparing the soup with meat, chicken or fish broth. While before cooking, remove excess fat, if necessary. Meat or fish from the broth are well suited for the second course.

What you can apply for lunch:

  1. Soup meat, boiled beef, rice, salad. For dessert 1 thing pastes;
  2. Soup with meatballs chicken and noodles, Greek salad, half of a grapefruit with cinnamon;
  3. Ear in Finnish, fish with a side dish of boiled potatoes slices, vegetable platter (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers), kiwi 1 thing;
  4. Mushroom noodles, chop chicken breast, green beans, tomatoes, half of marshmallow;
  5. Soup vegetarian, chicken meatballs with pasta, radish salad and green onion, grapes ½ Cup;
  6. The pea soup, without potatoes, beef Stroganoff with buckwheat, green salad with cherry tomatoes, half a pear;
  7. Vegetable soup, steamed green beans, rice, chicken meatballs (100 g) steam.

Options meal weight, here are just examples as an illustration of the proper preparation of a healthy menu. It is not necessary to consume all the meals, it is best to divide lunch into two meals. The soup you can eat for lunch, and the second and dessert in 3.5 hours. Then dinner easily wait, without the hunger cramps in his stomach.


In the evening the body does not need energy as carbohydrates, but the process of "building" cells occur just during sleep. So

healthy dinner

those who adheres to a system of proper nutrition, it is recommended to eat for dinner protein foods.

For its successful assimilation will need some amount of fiber. Thus, your ideal dinner, for a slim figure is vegetables, herbs and a protein dish (meat, fish, cheese).

Options for the evening meal:

  1. Chicken breast and braised cabbage;
  2. Fish baked with tomatoes, onions and herbs;
  3. Boiled fish with a side dish of beans;
  4. Cottage cheese (150 gr) with herbs and cucumber;
  5. Fish soup with vegetables (without potatoes);
  6. Roasted rabbit with tomato salad;
  7. Fish or chicken a couple of burgers with a side dish of asparagus;
  8. Chops Turkey cooked on the grill, cucumber salad and greens.

Snacking 2 times per day: fruits not more than 150 grams, a handful of almonds (5-7 pieces), natural yoghurt, berries. To each meal add 3 slices whole-wheat bread, weighing 40 g each. 30 minutes before bedtime can drink a glass of buttermilk.

To determine the optimal ratio of products, which are used during lunch or dinner, Finnish nutritionists invented a simple method and it is called "the plate model". Proper nutrition is the following. Mentally divide your plate in half: one half is vegetables (raw, steamed or braised), and the second will be about equally proteins and carbohydrates, eat meat or fish, side dish (pasta, cereals).

Tip: to avoid disruption of food allows simple reception. Periodically perform a "day of gluttony", eating the desired food. Of course, eat a box of chocolates or a cake is not entirely necessary, but to exceed the norm by 500-600 kcal is quite acceptable.

Summing up... a few tips

Proper nutrition, healthy weight loss implies motor activity. Lying on the couch, to get rid of extra pounds is also possible, but the result is unlikely to make you happy. It is due exercising, the figure will become attractive shape. Moreover, muscle mass can expend more calories even at rest.

the advice of nutritionists

Move more possibilities for this purpose weight. Stop using the Elevator, walk to the nearest supermarket or to work. Get a dog, an active pet to accompany you for walks at least twice a day.

Learn how to cook low-calorie dishes, good recipes for weight loss many online. Slimming tasty, and most importantly happy, you have all chances to win the extra weight and keep the correct eating habits. Besides, the family will not feel slighted, while the mother loses weight and refuses to cook all sorts of Goodies.

During weight loss, replace conventional foods low fat unnecessarily. If you are a bodybuilder for drying, need them no. The difference in calorie they are not great but deceiving myself that products with low fat content is healthier, and means you can eat them more, you will regularly exceed the norm.

By practicing proper nutrition, try not to use sweeteners, particularly synthetic, they are harmful to health. Besides, the brain is completely still, from what we sweet. The impulse to fill fat depots he gets regardless of whether you drink tea with sugar or with aspartame. If we do not find the strength to give up sweets, eat some raisins or 2-3 figs, all washed down with green tea. It's at least a better "chemistry" and refined.

Green or red tea is a great way to quench your thirst and reduce hunger. These same properties infusion of peppermint, or prune juice. But the coffee is having the opposite effect, so dieters are recommended not to misuse them.

It is impossible without compromising the health lose week that was recruited a few years. Proper diet, gradual weight loss more effectively because to save the result much easier. The rate of weight loss is not more than 1.5-2 kg per week.