The best exercise for weight loss

We all know that, in a healthy body - healthy spirit. On the one hand, this means that the owner of a healthy body is always in good positive mood, whereas another common approach may lead to physical health. Today we talk about losing weight as a way to improve their physical condition and regulate the appearance. This simple but important process should be approached quite intelligently. Someone headlong striving to lose weight before beach season or important event, and someone loses weight in the long term without harming health, but rather increase it. The second approach is more correct. It requires in addition to regular physical activity eating only healthy food. But the second aspect leave nutritionists, because the subject of today's discussion is the best exercise for weight loss.

physical activity

Why is physical activity important

As you know, movement is life, and that's it. Only active person can feel healthy. Our ancestors led a more sedentary life, so their was no question about losing weight and additional loads. We strongly spoiled the benefits of civilization and spends too much time in a seated position, so to resolve its status have to load it separately. To lose weight often resort not only to be beautiful but also to become healthier.

Physical activity helps to burn calories and develop muscles. It also boosts your metabolic rate that not only stimulates fat burning and improves General condition.

So, it's time to figure out what exercises are best for weight loss.


So, let's begin to consider the best exercise for weight loss with the most famous. For anybody not a secret that Jogging is the first exercise which helps to lose weight. In addition, it strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as bone and connective tissue. In the process of running burned about 600 calories.

The uniqueness of this exercise lies in the fact that it is quite natural for man, and therefore has no side effects (if reasonable to do and to feel your body). To run, no need special equipment and specific conditions, and this is another advantage of this exercise.

Intensely to burn calories, it is recommended to use high-speed interval training. They imply periodic short (0,5-2 min) explosive acceleration during the main loop of the run. This option helps run more efficient and faster burning of calories, well-developed leg muscles and speeds up metabolism.

Before you start an exercise, you need to do some stretching or go a few minutes, gradually increasing the pace. Stretching before Jogging is not recommended. As this exercise will put a strain on the joints, it is advisable to choose for him a comfortable and quality shoes.

Considering best physical exercise for weight loss, you should definitely pay attention to the run. Many people underestimate aerobic exercise, believing that only the development of muscles will lose weight, but this is incorrect. Muscles grow under a layer of fat to a small degree burn him, while locomotor activity struggling with fats much faster.



This exercise has the same benefits as running, but it is to a lesser extent, exposes the load joints. So the walk is suitable for those who have health problems (of course, not prohibit walking). It favorably affects the state of people suffering from obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Exercise holistically heals the body and positively affects the mental state.

30-minute walk at a speed of 6-7 km/h can burn up to 250 calories. If you do it every day, a week, you can lose a pound. Practice walking anywhere. If you have little free time, just go to work on foot.


The next item in the list of "Best exercises for weight loss" is Cycling. This is quite a good way to lose weight, which is the number of loads refers to the average type.

An hour of such a workout, you can burn 400-1100 calories, depending on intensity of movement and body weight. The degree of stress also depends on the landscape.

Unlike previous sports, Cycling doesn't stress the joints. Even those who are not really prepared can easily overcome it a few miles.

Of course, much more interesting and useful to train outdoors because of rough terrain create an additional burden, landscapes allow you to escape, and the fresh air gives tone to the body. In addition, street "ride" is much better for the cardiovascular system, than training on a stationary bike. Nevertheless, a good simulator allows you to lose weight and improve your condition. In any case, the bike is part of the best exercises for slimming hips, because the extensors of the legs get most of the load.

One of the variants of optimization of time of exercise – Cycling to work. This is a great way to recharge in the morning with positive energy and stimulate the acceleration of metabolism, which will allow the body throughout the day to expend more calories. Well, returning from work on two-wheeled friend, you can build on the success of the morning workout and relax. After the evening sessions you will have a good night's sleep. Of course, this method is relevant in areas where there are bike lanes or automobile traffic allows safe to drive on ordinary roads. Otherwise it is better not to risk, because this ride will give only a negative impression.

Best set of exercises for weight loss at home can include exercise bikes. Of course, it is not as effective, but also very useful. The advantage of this workout is the ability to develop greater speed without worrying about management and the prospect of falling. The bike will cost more than the bike. And not to buy it, you can go to the gym, where it is possible to include in an exercise program something useful.

activities on the ellipse

Elliptical trainer

Lessons on the simulator can also enter the complex "the Best exercise for weight loss at home". This allows training without stress on the joints to develop the body and cardiosystems. The moveable handles, you can load both the upper and lower body. By regulating the lift and the inclined plane, and a reverse motion, you can choose the most suitable level of intensity.

Average-sized men working out on the elliptical trainer can burn about 600 calories per hour. Despite the fact that the simulator simulates the running motion and movements of the skier (by the way, the skiing is also excellent burns calories), it doesn't stress the joints. Due to this property, it is accessible for people with arthritis, obesity and musculoskeletal diseases.

To burn more calories is recommended during class hold on to the handles. This will allow additional loading arms and shoulder girdle. Try not to think about calories burned. Much more useful to track heart rate. It should be about 85% of your body. Choosing the load so that this frequency is maintained, it is possible to achieve the most effective result.

This type of training can be attributed to the best home exercises for weight loss, however, the simulator is relatively a lot and takes a lot of space. Therefore, many prefer to do it in the gym.


Complex "best exercises for weight loss," continues such a famous game like tennis. It allows you to burn about 600 calories.

This kind of physical activity suitable for those who like to train in the company. It will also suit those who don't like sport but love the feeling of victory. The competitive aspect is able to stimulate even the laziest of people.

Tennis allows you to develop flexibility, coordination, correct posture and to throw out negative emotions and increase stress resistance.

During the tennis game included in the work of the muscles of the arms, legs and abs. Besides the body also trains the head, because we can not do without the ability to plan their actions and make a quick decision. Such exercises increase the functionality of the brain and improve memory. But scientists from the National Institute of health claim that tennis helps to increase bone tissue.

Interval altus-intensionem training

Continue best exercises for weight loss at home of this interesting technique. It is suitable for those who only care about weight loss. This training requires a total of 20 minutes at least three times a week. While it allows you to effectively burn calories and speeds up metabolism.

High-intensity interval exercises combine well with other kinds of exercise. They consist of short explosive approaches, alternating with less intense activity or complete rest.

For those who haven't played sports in this way, you need a couple of months of training. This can be as simple as Cycling, running, swimming and even walking. The main condition is the alternation of active and passive intervals.

You should start with a warm up and a length of five minutes. Sixth minute is an exercise with maximum efficiency and intensity. Then one minute rest and so on without considering the warm-up, of course. After five rounds should rest for three minutes. This is just one variation of interval training. By the way, the best exercise for weight loss belly gain much more efficiency when using this method of training.

This method of weight loss is also remarkable because it is more than others, develops endurance. Two weeks later sessions of interval training can improve endurance to a level that is achieved after a two-month sessions of easy Jogging.



This form of exercise is suitable for those who exercise regularly. This is evidenced by the fact that, initially, crossfit was designed for training commandos.

Training includes weightlifting, endurance training, jumpdrive-explosive exercises (plyometrics in), exercise speed, and finally power development.

To do crossfit is never boring, because unlike any other programs, it does not consist of multiple repetitions of the same action, and many types of physical activity that create one big adipem ardens training.

This program is built for reasons of accumulation of the main components of physical fitness: flexibility, endurance, speed, strength and coordination.

Each new training day you need to perform actions that were not in the previous lesson. Alternatively, day program can contain 20 pull-UPS on the bar, 30 pushups, 40 reps for abs and 50 squats. Between the acts is a three-minute break. The duration of the class, when done correctly, does not exceed 20 minutes. To derive maximum benefit from this technique, you have to train at least 3 times a week.

Crossfit is very effective burns fat and helps to improve both the physical form and metabolism. Naturally, this method is not suitable for people with a weak heart and diseases of cardiosystems.

Step aerobics

For those looking for the best exercises for leg slimming, you should pay attention to this section. We all know that simply walking on the stairs a very positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and also allows you to burn extra calories. The same principle was the basis of this type of gym, like step aerobics.

During one class burns 500 calories. It usually lasts about 50 minutes, but you can start with 20. Best exercises for weight loss not so much, but step aerobics is definitely included in their list. The essence of this system is the use of a special platform on which to climb. Depending on the level of training of the athlete and his purposes, the height of the step platform may vary.

During training, the main burden falls on the lower part of the body, but the optional are utilized almost all the muscle groups. The methodology comprehensively develops the body and improves its flexibility. To increase the efficiency or decrease the workout time, you can use additional weights. As the platform can go to any stable object, a height of about 10 cm, which can be placed two feet. Thus, step aerobics is part of the best exercises for leg slimming at home.

This technique is often used for quick recovery after injuries.

When is the best time to do exercise for weight loss?

workout for weight loss

You can train at any time of the day, most importantly, that between classes and sleep, and eating was a gap in a couple of hours. It is not necessary to push yourself in the morning, while the body was not yet awake. Before the sleep activity is also useless. Ideally, if possible, exercise the day.


Here we reviewed the best exercise for weight loss. Everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate, as long as the sessions were meaningful and does not hurt health. It is not necessary to prevent overtraining, because it will lead to far more unpleasant consequences than a few extra pounds. Remember that health is much more important than beauty!