Effective exercises for belly and sides

Many women and girls are concerned about excess fat on belly and sides, even if in General your weight problems. Reasons why growing belly, are varied. Here are just some of possible age-related changes, childbirth, irritable bowel syndrome, flatulence, poor diet, lack of exercise, cancer disease, stress, alcohol, Smoking, etc.

slimming abdomen and sides

Excess abdominal fat leads to negative consequences: it compresses the internal organs, impairs digestion, and sometimes becomes a cause of female infertility.

Not without the many myths that grew like mushrooms after rain, around the theme "how to eliminate belly fat". Consider some of the most popular.

Myth # 1 the fat removed, you need to squat and rock press. Fundamentally wrong, especially if a person does not cease to limit themselves in food, no exercise does. Yes, the press can be pumped, but it is under a layer of fat will remain invisible. This method will be effective only if exercise is combined with proper and balanced nutrition, as well as select the right set of exercises.

Myth # 2 There are special diets to lose belly fat. We are not in a fairy tale, and "at the behest of lupus" to get rid of fat fail. There are no magical diets or pills that can remove all the excess. For the result will have to work hard.

Myth # 3 get Rid of ugly belly will help daily exhausting workouts. No, no and again no! If you go to extremes, the result is far from positive. In order to reduce the amount of waist will be enough moderate-intensity training, proper nutrition and daily Hiking — complex such efforts will help to achieve results.

If you've decided to engage themselves and their health — don't wait and start now!

What you will need for training

If classes will be held at home, you need the following items:

  • A gym Mat. It is needed for exercises that are performed lying down. Professional mats made in such a way that doing them is very convenient: do not squeezing, and not the tunic, in contrast to ordinary sex. Besides clothes after classes are clear.
  • Gymnastic Hoop. One of the most effective exercises for the abdomen and sides — working with a Hoop. It is not only effective, but also fun and enjoyable. Classes wrap is ideal for warm UPS — they serve to warm-up muscles and prepare them for further work.
  • Comfortable clothes for classes. From clothing, in fact, depends on many things. It is very important that nothing strinxit, and not expressum. To sports do not cause discomfort, clothing should be loose and made from natural, breathable materials.
a set of exercises

Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

Many women wishing to get rid of the hated belly and sides, you begin to go to extremes, making a typical and common errors. They exercise to exhaustion, we sit down on a severe diet, they begin to starve. The result: nervous and physical exhaustion, stress, depression, hormonal disturbances, muscle tension, and belly was large, and left.

In order not to repeat this sad experience of many of the fair sex, is important in the beginning to organize everything correctly. First of all, set yourself a specific goal: what changes you want to see in the figure, how many kilos you want to lose, etc, having a clear goal is already half way to success.

For starters, develop a system of training and nutrition, pick up a set of exercises, if you can't do this — consult a professional fitness coaches and nutritionists. Effectively you can engage and at home. Where do you start? In the Internet there are many videos that you can take into consideration and deal with them.

  • Step # 1 Physical exercise and workout. Every workout must begin with a warm-up. Why is it necessary and is it possible without it? Warm up warms up all muscle groups, prepares them for more intense loads, helps prevent injuries and muscle strain. Include a warm-up set of easy exercises: dips, squats, scissors, turns the body, waving the arms and legs, work with a Hoop, running in place. To warm up enough five — seven minutes.
  • Step # 2 Basic exercises for belly and sides. After a workout, it is advisable to move on to serious loads, unless they are contraindicated to you on the condition. The most popular and effective system for your abdomen and back, which helps remove fat:
    1. Twisting. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and lock the foot. Hands to make for the head, then, lifting your shoulder blades off the floor, try to rise up and for a few seconds to freeze in that position. The number of repetitions should be such that you have no strength left for the next raising of the blades. The exercise is performed correctly, if the press is literally "on fire."
    2. Twisting and turning to the side. This exercise is somewhat similar to the previous one, the only difference is that at the point of maximum uplift is necessary to turn the housing in different directions. This is one of the most effective ways to burn fat on the sides, as it helps to strengthen the oblique muscles. For girls this exercise is a word of caution: don't try to do it to failure, because in this case, a larger waist will hardly please you.
    3. The reverse twisting. The maximum load on the lower press. You need to lie down on the Mat and tightly secured his hands to the torso. Straight legs close together, lift up and try for a while to fix them at the top. Lowering, don't let them touch the floor. Make sure the maximum number of repetitions, how many have the strength. Exercise removes fat from the lower abdomen, and that it is the girls most of the claims.
  • Step # 3 Cardio. Exercises for your abdomen and back can not do without cardio. There is more than enough: running, Cycling, jumping rope, squats, jumping, fast walking, etc. These workouts are aimed mainly at improving heart function, help to reduce the percentage of fat in the human body.
  • If you decide to achieve the faster result — contact your coaches in fitness clubs. In the gym you will develop an individual program and set of workouts and, if desired, the entire process will be supervised by the professional.
the shells for the exercises

The shells for the exercises

When practicing at home can not do without special shells that will help you achieve your desired result. Consider the most popular and affordable.

  • Fitball or gym ball. This is a great equipment for exercising at home. It is often used in the period rehabilitations' after trauma, during pregnancy, when doing aerobics. What gives the fitball? It provides smooth posture, normalizes muscle tone, aligns and stretches the spine, improves functioning of the vestibular apparatus, exercises the abdominal muscles, legs and arms. Classes exercitium pila allow "include" to work those muscles that are usually not involved and remove excess fat. How to deal with exercitium pila will tell video recording, which the Internet contains in excess.
  • The hula Hoop. This is often referred to as ordinary gymnastics Hoop. He is known as the most simple way to maintain muscle waist toned and cutting away excess fat. During class with this exercise equipment, nothing is injured, there is no tension. It is proved that for quick results every day we need to roll a Hoop of about 10-15 minutes. It is inexpensive and available shell, capable in the literal sense of the words, "sculpt" your waist.
  • Jump rope. Familiar and beloved in the childhood all girls object. Cheap and very effective with regular use. Perfectly serves to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and legs improves cardiovascular system, and just enhances the mood. Jumping rope can be done during the warm-up they perfectly prepare the body for the following loads.

Additional procedures

Exercise is certainly good, but there are still some ways to hide extra inches. I should add that if you only use them — the result will be. All you need to do in the complex and systematically — then the extra inches seemed to dissolve.

Additional treatments include the invigorating baths, soothing massages, wraps. It is better not to engage in self-search, and to seek the advice of a professional, experienced masseurs and beauticians. You will be offered special treatments that will help to consolidate and strengthen the results of training. Baths can be done at home, but wraps and massages will be more effective if you do them in specialty stores. Yes, not cheap, but if you want to remove excess, strengthen muscle endurance, and get a beautiful figure — nothing should stop.

proper nutrition

Nutrition and lifestyle

No matter how corny it sounds, but we are the sculptors of the figure. You can plenty of to sweat in the gym, but if the diet still contains fat and high-calorie foods flat belly you can not see! Food largely determines what we look like.

If you are a lover of junk food — this means that the body is heavily slagged, and so the first thing to get rid of anything harmful that it has accumulated, you will need to do some procedures. There are many options for how to do it. Here are some of them:

  1. Drink more water, preferably spring;
  2. Gentle plant-based diet;
  3. Regular enema (Yes, it's unpleasant, but we all know that "beauty requires sacrifice");
  4. Prophylaxis with activated carbon;
  5. Drinking fresh vegetable juice (carrot and beet).

Eliminate from your diet all fatty, starchy and sweet food, limit drinking coffee and tea, replace them with fruit drinks and drinks based on herbs. Cook the meat for a couple of fatty steaks — the murder of the figures. Every day eat large amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits, make salads, drink milk. Also need to completely give up fast food and semi-finished products, except for harm and extra pounds they don't give and help remove the extra inches too.

Should look like a sample menu for a day?

Easy porridge cereals with added fruit. A glass of juice.
Vegetable soup, buckwheat porridge, a piece of boiled chicken, salad of cabbage or carrots. Juice or yogurt.
Afternoon tea
Natural yogurt and fruit.
Vegetables, steamed, a light salad of beets, a Cup of yogurt.

I should add that the body of each person is unique, so the diet for each is different.To provide a complete menu for the week — please refer to the dietitian.

a healthy lifestyle

Also do not forget about the benefits of fasting days. Two weeks to arrange a kefir and Apple days. From the title becomes clear what foods should be consumed throughout the day.

The figure strongly affects our way of life. Smoking, frequent stress, alcohol abuse — and the picture in the mirror ceases to please. If you have seriously decided to engage them and remove the extra pounds, you will have to give up bad habits. One of the keys to a beautiful and slim figure — a healthy sleep. Sleep at least 8 hours a day to the body time to recuperate.

In conclusion, only you can determine what is displayed in the mirror. No excuses not remove the guilt, if a person is covered by imaginary diseases, lack of effort and time is simple laziness. Put aside doubts, download training videos, take care of yourself, develop a complex of actions for maintenance of muscle tone, and the result will not keep itself waiting long!