How to lose weight? In detail about losing weight

The problem of excess weight is familiar to many, but not many know how to get rid of it. Overweight often becomes a real problem in everyday life. It prevents not only physically, but also psychologically. How to lose weight fast at home, once and for all to forget about their complexes and external flaws? To find the answer to this question will help in this article.

To reduce weight perhaps with changes in diet and exercise. Also in this article you will be able to determine the diet that is right for you. In addition to diet, you will learn the basic rules of healthy and gradual weight loss. The extra weight is a problem, which is solved correctly. No starvation and no "miracle pill" will not be able to return the body to health and strength, you need to lose weight gradually. He should not come back in even greater numbers, which often happens after a strict diets.

how to lose weight

What you need to know before losing weight

To fight with excess weight need a doctor's visit a nutritionist who can tell you about the opportunities and challenges in the body.

You must remember a few basic rules:

  • forget about the presence in the diet of sugary, fatty foods and especially fast food;
  • reduce salt intake,
  • increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet,
  • reduce the intake of starchy products,
  • reduce portion size
  • drinking enough water throughout the day,
  • do physical exercise,
  • sleep at least 8 hours
  • make the right and healthy diet for the day
  • eat at least 5 times a day
  • monitor the caloric content of food consumed
  • try to keep an active lifestyle.

Each of these rules is designed so that people will be able to reduce weight only when you change your menu. The diet during this period may significantly differ from the usual rules of power.

The refusal of sweet and fatty foods

Foods that contain simple carbohydrate compounds prevent weight loss. Once in the body, simple carbohydrates are processed quickly enough and are transported in the form of fat. To avoid this, calories need to burn. If you do it on time does not work, it means to consume these products not worth it.

It is important! It so happens that to give up sugary foods is simply impossible. Many women are often found in the sweet food share of fun, so stop eating sweets the drive of many to real stress. To avoid this, you need to remember that of all the confectionery products are the most harmless marshmallow, jelly and marmalade. Replace milk chocolate black bitter chocolate. But it is worth noting that eating chocolate can, exceptionally, no more than 2 slices a day.

The group of forbidden foods are:

the rejection of harmful products
  • pastry
  • sausage
  • smoked
  • semi-finished products (dumplings, ravioli, dumplings)
  • canned foods
  • confectionary products
  • pasta
  • margarine,
  • mayonnaise,
  • potatoes,
  • alcohol
  • sweet soft drinks.

If a person will have a minimum exercise, but will not add these forbidden foods in our diet, the excess weight he was not afraid.

Regulation of caloric

If you decide to understand how to lose weight, the first thing we should do is to control your diet. His caloric need to follow day by day, so it's best to keep a journal, which will be compiled and calculated menu every day. Losing weight people will be able to visually see what food and in what quantity he consumes.

For the average woman calorie a day diet during weight loss should be in the range of 1300-1800 kcal. It all depends on the individual characteristics of women: height, weight, age, activity level. For men this figure should be increased to 400-500 kcal. We recommend you to read the article about how many calories you need per day to lose weight.

Important! To lose weight, you need to choose a healthy diet, which should be proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In addition, the number of main meals per day should not be less than 5. For the day you need to devote time to three major meals and two snacks.

Not everyone turns to lose weight at home, as most of the time Housewives spend in the kitchen. Many justify themselves by the fact that in the cooking process they have to try something. They say that until cooked, time to eat. If you really want to lose weight, something about this campaign to food to forget. No need to starve yourself! Portions should be reduced and the frequency of eating increased. You need to remember the routine. Each main meal should take place at the same time each day. When the body will work in one mode each day, and metabolic processes will quickly pass. The higher the metabolism, the less the probability that the excess weight will return.

Water consumption

Water is a nutrient that triggers the whole body. It would seem that water has no calories, but without it we cannot exist. Water helps to improve metabolism, we burn calories faster and restore the acid-alkaline balance.

drink water

In the process of losing weight need to train yourself to drink water. Strange as it may sound, but most people do not drink the required amount of water per day. Of course, we drink tea, coffee, juices, but it contains calories and has a different composition. That water fills our cells, it promotes the removal of toxins, water helps to lose weight.

Practical tip! Every morning should start with a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Optionally, the water can add a teaspoon of honey and grated ginger. This drink is a source of energy and vitamins. Drink this cocktail should be 20-30 minutes before Breakfast. In addition to vitamins, this drink will help to improve the digestive system, restores the acidity of gastric juice and increase protective functions of the body.

To calculate the individual amount of water consumed in a day is enough we simply need to multiply your weight in kilograms by 0.03. exactly 30 ml of water is required for every kilogram of our body. For example, if a woman weighs 60 kg, then during the day she needs to drink 60*0,03=1.8 l of water.

How to lose weight with diet

Most women associate diet with the period when she feels a constant sense of hunger. In addition, due to the lack of calories women become very nervous and overwrought. Why do you torture yourself and others when you can opt for techniques weight loss with a huge selection of products. Remember that diet is a change in the usual diet, so in any case is stressful for the body. So while choosing it you need to build on their habits and taste preferences.

Low-carb diet

This is one of the most popular methods of weight loss. A low-carb diet often choose those people who find it hard to cope with hunger. It differs from others in that the person in fact does not reduce the amount of food eaten, it merely changes your diet. Libero Carbohydrate food much longer processed by the body, so the person in the period of weight loss does not feel hunger.

It is important! To sit on this diet for more than 7-10 days, as the body will feel an acute shortage of carbohydrates and fats. In addition to the effect of a low-carb diet was palpable, not to forget training. Only after 30 minutes of physical activity begins burning fat cells.

The main products are: white meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, some cereals, nuts. All of this list are United by one substance is a protein. When protein enters the body without carbohydrates, the brain begins to start burning fat reserves. Low-carb diet is considered very affordable and effective, a week you can lose 5 to 8 kg of excess weight.

Soup diet

soup diet

Perhaps, many girls have heard about the soup diet. It is based on exclusively consumption of soups without adding fat. Liquid food helps digestion, so during this diet the excretory system of the organism will work perfectly. In addition, this diet is quite diverse and the products from which you can cook, quite simple and affordable. Arsenal of soups that can consist of more than a dozen vegetables. The main thing is to cook without adding a lot of vegetable oil and salt.

To add taste to my soups during weight loss, you can use fresh herbs, fragrant dried herbs and seasonings without salt. Such food is permissible to eat during the week. During this time, you can throw from 3 to 5 kg. to Eat soup throughout the day, there is no special limitation in its amount. You can eat immediately as soon as the feeling of hunger. It is desirable in each soup add celery or ginger. These products help to accelerate fat burning. Learn more recipes of soups, and especially weight loss in the article soup diet.

Watermelon diet

When you need to quickly reduce weight, you can hire the services of a watermelon diet. Watermelon is the main product that can be consumed during the diet period. In fact this method of weight loss cannot be called a mono-diet, as in addition to this product is allowed to eat vegetables, oatmeal and some dairy products. 10 kg of your weight is designed to eat 1 kg of watermelon pulp per day. That is, if the woman's weight is 55 kg, then during the day she should eat 5.5 kg of watermelon.

It is important! This product is rich in vitamins and fiber, which in its properties resembles a sponge, absorbing all the toxins in yourself. Eating watermelon the whole week, you can not only lose weight but also to get rid of harmful substances. For 3 days you can throw 3-4 kg.

The important thing is to choose natural and ripe watermelons. It is best to dedicate yourself to this diet at the end of August to early September, when the berries will be freely available. In addition, just at this time the watermelon is free from artificial ingredients, growth stimulants, etc. If you are interested in this technique, its characteristics can be found in the article, watermelon diet.

Salt-free diet

For weight loss have to give up salt. By reducing salt intake, the body begins to give extra fluid and extra weight. This method of weight loss does not only helps to reduce weight, but also returns the body to health. The lack of salt in the diet accelerates the process of digestion, normalize blood pressure, reduce the burden on the kidneys, and it helps weight loss.

By choosing this method, you need to understand that after the end of the period is likely to regain lost weight. To avoid this, you should gradually introduce into your diet foods containing salt.

Note: particular attention should be given a list of products that are valid to use in this period. You need to keep in your diet: vegetables, fruits, some cereals, low fat dairy products, white meat, lean fish.

To add taste to the foods help a variety of spices. Replace salt will be able dill, parsley, garlic, ginger, cilantro, dried herbs. For a week you can amittere pondus 3-4 kg.

the banana diet

The banana diet

This option weight loss methods can be called one of the most accessible and enjoyable. Bananas are often not included in the list of foods that help weight loss, but in this case it's the opposite. For this diet you need to combine the two products for 3 days, namely: bananas and yogurt. For the day, you need 4 times the total number of products should not be greater than 3 bananas and 3 glasses of yogurt.

Of course, to further reduce weight, in this period we must not forget about water. If you sit on such a diet a week, you can lose 5 kg. of Banana methods of weight loss has many positive reviews, because it is not only affordable but also tasty.

Exercise for weight loss

We should never forget about physical exercise, especially if there is a pronounced problem areas on the body. To deal with fatty deposits not only through diet but also through exercise.

Exercises for slim waist

To do abs of steel, and the waist – thin, a simple sports equipment. Enough to do the exercises skipping-rope, hula upupam or fit-bole. In addition, there are simple exercises that is designed to move this area of the body. At home, you can put in the bar, hula-Hoop, rock press by the method of twisting in different directions.

Exercises for the sides

Often, one of the most common problems of the female figure is the presence of fat folds on the sides of the abdomen. These folds are often called either "ears" or "sides". To remove this defect just, for this you need to think about the everyday sit-UPS, jumping, rotation of the Hoop. To remove the fat will help Spa treatments and massage. Shock wave therapy promotes the dispersal of lymph fluid, therefore, the breakdown of fat cells.

Exercise Strap

The Plank exercise can be called comprehensive, because it contributes to the tension of a large number of muscles. Stand in the film contributes to the load on the hips, back, arms, stomach and buttocks. The quality of the run of the bar depends on the result.