How to lose weight during menopause: nutrition, folk remedies

Harmony and lightness can be achieved. You only need to try. Young girls are easily recruited by chance shed pounds and how to lose weight at menopause of 50 years when all these efforts in vain? You will need:

  • Increase in blood levels of estrogen, as during menopause it is much reduced. For this it is necessary to drink a course of drugs, cleansing the liver and catalytic activity of the thyroid gland. Well deal with it phytoestrogens.
  • An active lifestyle make it a rule.
  • A balanced diet with increased consumption of vegetables and fruits.
  • Abandon exhausting, nowhere leading diets.
  • To study and apply the advice of traditional medicine, which will help to establish the carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
  • To increase the number of meals, while reducing time taken for the volume. This system all calories eaten allows you to spend immediately, without postponing it for later. That is, all food is converted into energy of life.
  • Consilium Professio
  • To chew your food.

Food: the regime of harmful products

How to lose weight during menopause? Remember that the main meal during the day is Breakfast! Energy production starts with him.

Lunch – favorite steamed vegetables. You can add a little of the usual sweets. If he is at home, the first dish should be liquid, and the second - boiled chicken or beef with vegetable salad (preferably without dressing).

Permanently you need to follow to drink liquid. At least two liters throughout the day. It can be pure filtered water or herbal teas.

You can't eat before bed. Night, during rest, the body suspends the processes of digestion, and the food in the stomach begins to rot, leading to the release into the blood of harmful toxic substances. Any snack from the "past life" should go into the main meals. No nuts, chocolate out meal.

It should also be categorically excluded from the diet of harmful products: mayonnaise, ketchup, soda, salt, store-bought fruit juices. They increase cholesterol levels, lead to disturbance of lipid exchange, without bringing any benefit.

Old but effective: movement is life

During menopause activity is the prolongation of life. Let's see how to lose weight during menopause. Reviews passed through this period of women talking about the benefits of exercise. The above tips are good only in combination with correct physical activity. Should weaning from the Elevator. Several times a day walking down and up the steps will give the same effect as from a few sessions in the gym on exercise machines that simulate walking up the stairs. This activity of pulling up the muscles of the thighs, calf muscles. The day should be at least five kilometers. And, of course, it is important to regularly visit a gym, fitness centers and pools.

per menopause, non cito potest amittere pondus

The restriction in food plus enhanced physical activity does not give the body a chance to stock up on unnecessary carbs.

We need only remember that during menopause it is not possible to lose weight. Body fat, especially belly is a well - organized storage of estrogen and dietary cholesterol, the synthesis of which produces the liver. Undermine health, you can, if the background of low hormonal levels dramatically to lose this storage hormones.

Recipes, time-tested

How to lose weight at menopause, using folk remedies? They are almost primarily suggest to get rid of constipation. This phenomenon in itself is not very pleasant. Help in this case herbal laxatives herbs and vegetable juices. In any pharmacy you can buy rhubarb, buckthorn, yarrow, chamomile, leaves and roots of dandelion can be collected in a local Park, dill seeds – in your area. Make and take instructions.

Folk remedies are good for:

  • reduce appetite;
  • purification of the intestinal mucosa (decoctions exclude much of the fecal stones).

They also help restore the liver, to adjust its work to optimize the carbohydrate-fat metabolism.

Proper nutrition

Nutritionists advise in the pursuit of ease and grace not to neglect the advice of specialists. During menopause rapid weight loss can "give" instead of terrible stomach (called the "apron") and the hump. Therefore, a question arises: "in menopause can I lose weight?" . The emphasis in this case doing on nutrition.


<>During menopause the body loses a lot of calcium, so the daily dose should be 1000 to 1500 mg. "to Get" his body maybe dairy products, fruits and nuts (oranges, figs, apricots, peanuts, almonds), green vegetables (celery, cabbage, lettuce, olives, beans), fish and meat (tuna, beef).

Modern scientists believe that calcium helps to absorb boron. So be sure to eat prunes, almonds, asparagus, raisins and peaches.


This is the first assistant for stress and nervous disorders. Per day it need is 400-500 mg. BES causal anxiety or fatigue, insomnia, muscle TEC, disturbed heart rhythm speaks about the lack of magnesium. It contains white beans, rice, oat flakes, peanut, soybean, almonds, wheat germ and bran, cashews.

Useful in this period of cereals from the dark – perlovka, oatmeal, and pasta cooked in a double boiler.


How to lose weight during menopause? Not to forget that products should contain large amounts of fatty omega-3 acids. To such food include: mackerel, salmon, trout or mackerel, canned sardines, walnuts. They saturate the "good" fats blood cells.

Other products


Enrich the diet is necessary bright vegetables (white cabbage and red cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers), fruit (cherries, currants, red grapefruit) and herbs.

Lack of potassium can make up dried apricots, bananas, oranges, rose hips, tangerines, bread of flour, and seafood. Active part in slowing the aging take black currants, parsley, kiwi, avocado. Eyes, particularly the crystalline lens, protect from contact with toxins crayfish, prawns, melon and apricot.

Lipid profile and nutrition

How to lose weight during menopause and to restore the broken in this period, the exchange process, which may increase the risk of atherosclerosis? You need to regularly monitor the lipid profile.

To unsubscribe from liver, egg yolks, fat, kidney, butter, cheese, meat (fatty varieties) and sour cream. Milk need to drink almost skim (less than 1% fat). Poultry should be consumed without skin. In the daily diet should add the veal, lamb and fish (preferably sea). Definitely need fruits, vegetables and cereals.

Bran and rejection of salt

It is important to have not just a low calorie meals, they must be bran - a necessary product for the correct operation of the intestine.

If there is a risk of developing hypertension, it is necessary after consulting with a nutritionist to reduce (perhaps to zero) the intake of salt. Her taste you can try to replace the herbs.


The climacteric period is characterized not passing the stress of internal organs. To remove it needs vitamins and minerals that help to lose weight during menopause. Folk remedies may be different. But for women in fifty years the best fit freshly squeezed juices or smoothies vegetable and fruit. In the course can go all sweet pepper, any herbs, sprouts, carrot, strawberry, cherry, citrus, and so on.

Free radicals out of the body of the notorious vitamin E. It is present in legumes, avocado, vegetable oil, asparagus.

To reduce dryness of the external genitalia and reduce the intensity of the tides can lignins from flax seed.

And we must remember. It is impossible at this time to eat only low calorie meals. In connection with the restructuring of the female system and elevated exercise energy costs are rising. And meals low in calories will keep the body in a constant feeling of hunger that will trigger a bite.

Non-hormonal medications during menopause

Menopause is often accompanied by an abrupt change of feeling, sentiment, and sometimes deteriorating health, there is increased sweating. And the most unpleasant – tides. Still, there is no cure that can help unnoticed to the body to go through a phase of extinction of ovaries. Is it possible to survive this period without drugs?

Experts advise to use hormonal drugs. This is a great way out of the situation unscathed.

Today, the pharmacy serves a wide range of medicines and vitamin complexes to them. To choose the appropriate option to describe the course of treatment can help the specialist.

Non-hormonal drugs in menopause today is very effective. Special popularity earned by those that belong to the group of phytoestrogens. They are analogues of human hormones and have no side effects.

So how to lose weight during menopause? Pills for weight loss in this case would be inappropriate. Experts say that you should refuse such drugs. They are prescribed only when indicated. To reduce weight, it is necessary to follow the above tips and to consult regularly with your doctor.