How to quickly lose weight after childbirth breastfeeding: Nutrition plus a Unique Technique

Needless to say that the appearance of excess body fat while carrying a toddler is not only normal, but necessary for the normal course of the process of carrying a child. However, the "baby fat" has its own Statute of limitations, and the application of a series "I have two kids, so I'm entitled to a dozen extra pounds" — no more than a banal excuse, the reluctance to look truth in the face and a way to justify themselves.

Important basic recommendations on the way to losing weight

Want to avoid problems in the form of extra pounds after pregnancy, take into consideration recommendations that will contribute to bringing the figure in order reliably and quickly.

Amittere pondus post partum ope idoneitatem et meditatio
  1. The most important things you will need on the path to finding the old form (and often the shape, much better than before pregnancy) – the desire and motivation. Without these factors, attempts to lose weight will never become a system, and hence will not bring result. Often consider your own photo, made in the best periods of life – happy, smiling, thin girl with pictures will cause a burning desire to make every effort to "reset" superfluous. Regularly measure favorite swimsuit: how you look in it now, but would like to?
  2. Do not separate native mode routine of the baby. Many moms familiar with this phenomenon: all day while the child is awake, all the while completely devoted to the rituals for the care of the baby, and by the time he falls asleep, the exhaustion is so strong that you don't turn on the fridge is simply impossible. The solution to this situation would be the combination of food intakes: teach yourself is when eating and the baby. Observing the same with the baby diet, you essentially will go to a fractional power, which is considered the key to a successful and, more importantly, a smooth and secure weight loss.
  3. Try to make yourself a complete rest. Scientists proved that if you sleep less than 7-8 hours a day, even intense exercise and diet will not lead to rapid weight loss. Of course, baby makes significant changes to sleep mode, but with the support of relatives or resorted to the services of a nanny, it should be possible to Supplement the required hours of rest during the day.
  4. Observe the balance in their quest to get in better shape. On the one hand, breastfeeding is strictly prohibited hard diet to significantly cut back on caloric intake, as well as making it unbalanced. On the other hand, many young moms hope for a "miracle remedy" feeding, where you can eat everything and the weight will go by itself. Remember: the process of lactation burns only 500-600 calories a day is slightly more than one chocolate bar, so "inflate" the diet absolutely no reason. In addition, to contribute to further weight gain may be the myth that States that the degree of milk fat depends on the fat content of food consumed. It's a false stereotype – the fat content of milk provided by the existing reserves of the body, the saturation of the fats of the daily diet can only affect the emergence of a new fold at the waist, lactating women.
Naturalis exercitia

Training for nursing mothers

Fact: moderate exercise is the most effective path to gaining slimness after childbirth.At the same time, nothing hinders the well-being healing of the uterus and the more breaks than any exercise.

Therefore, even if the outcome of childbirth is the most favorable, you can begin to train not earlier than 6-7 weeks after them. If you start to engage before the load can negatively affect the healing process, and lactation.

It is well known that these practices can significantly transform the body at any stage of life, in addition, they have virtually no contraindications.

The main thing is: relax and dive "in itself" that lies at the basis of these exercises will help to minimize the stress, which inevitably brings to life the appearance of the baby.

The great advantage of these techniques lies in the fact that classes can be performed at home because of time on the road and visiting the sports club in lactating mothers is not, and the family budget is often limited due to the cost of caring for the baby.

Natural exercises

Do not underestimate the activity, which come to life with new concerns: a series of pleasant chores in baby care – this is exercise in sufficient volume which burn extra calories.

And yet another usual daily activity, wearing baby in the "kangaroo", is a valuable exercise for nursing moms: optimal load on the muscles of the belly and allows you to pull the figure and increasing day by day the whole of the child will serve as a weighting, thus at the expense of the smoothness of the weight the spine and lower back will suffer.

The right physical activity (recommendations)

If you still want to thoroughly deal with the figure, selection of the load should rationally:

  • The pool, which was the best kind of physical activity during pregnancy, and recommended during breastfeeding;
  • In the gym should do without weights, because the exercises with weights can cause an increase in the milk concentration of lactic acid that will give it a distinctive flavour.
  • Nursing mothers are advised to avoid any aerobic training, classic aerobics, step, running, etc. the fact that during such activities the body loses a lot of fluids, and the vast majority of elements and exercises are of a "shock" for the chest and can hurt her.
  • In accordance with the previous recommendation, carefully analyze each exercise both at home and in the audience – strictly avoid those under which potentially could have injured the chest;
  • If classes include jumps, an active swing hands and other movements, provoking active "oscillation" of the breast, then to engage in a special support bra, which will be thoroughly locking the chest. Otherwise, from activities of this kind must be abandoned.
Recte corporalis operatio

Diet nursing mothers after childbirth

Many women do manage to lose all the weight gained over 9 months and during breast feeding without any effort. This is due to the already mentioned energy cost of the process of lactation, the high metabolic rate, rapid normalization of hormonal background and individual characteristics of the organism. For the same reasons, examples, when during breastfeeding weight loss did not happen or even the weight has increased too much.

So how to lose weight after childbirth nursing mother after a year or more when she is breastfeeding and the number of requirements and restrictions in the diet? The answer is simple: to resort to the diet. But, of course, special.

To approach the issue of weight loss through adjustment of diet most competently, it is important to always remember the principles of nutrition nursing moms:
  1. Exclusion from the diet food allergens: vegetables, fruits and berries with bright coloration and exotic fruits, coffee, chocolate and cocoa products, nuts and seeds, honey and dairy products. This list is not exhaustive, and additions will make watching mom and baby doctor.
  2. A minimum of chemical additives and industrial processing of food, high seasonal fruits and vegetables – this is the motto of all, without exception, lactating women.
  3. Eating for two is a mistake that the child would not benefit, and the mother will only add inches to the hips. During pregnancy the body already had been stockpiling valuable for the process of lactation and trace elements. Therefore, in the period of breast-feeding need to concentrate on the quality of the diet, not its volume.
  4. Targeted weight loss can begin no earlier than the later of 8-10 weeks after the brightest events in life.

The young mother is rarely able to cook for all family members and favorite healthy meals. How does total lack of time and extra energy to eat so it was really tasty, useful, and contributed to weight loss? Make family's diet from the options menu, recommended just for lactating women.

The most important thing for nursing mothers

Quickly lose weight and regain harmony after childbirth is a normal desire of every woman. But every step on the way to the cherished figure to infuse the idea that the most important concerns in this period – is the care of the baby.

Wonderful if proper nutrition was not the last role in the life of the mother and to the pregnancy. In the case that it is not so, then breastfeeding is the best time for creating healthy eating habits and inculcate them to all members of the family, including the baby.

Let you are accompanied always by rationality, optimism and energy! Because only healthy, confident and happy mother can bring up the same baby!