How to make a bar for weight loss

The plank exercise is taken a fixed position as for pushups, and stand can not only direct the hands, divorced at shoulder width, but also on the elbows. It all depends on the load that people are able to withstand at the primary level. How many calories you burn a strap? Performing the classic version, you will get rid of 8 kcal for a single repeat, while complicated, from 12 kcal. Different types of bars work differently, but leave the volume due to the extraction of body energy from fat. During this process answer is involved in the strap red fiber muscles.

How to do plank correctly

For the correctness of the exercise follow a few basic rules:

    Quam ad facere, in tabula recte
  1. Keep the pelvis in a good condition – this should be fixed throughout the exercise.
  2. For a stable position of the feet to rest them on socks.
  3. Do not bend the knees, not bending at the waist.
  4. Do not tilt the head, do not press your chin to your chest.
  5. Keep the shoulder blades pulled toward your spine, so that they do not protrude above the body.
  6. Ensure that the elbows in the vertical plane were strictly under the shoulder joints.

Plank exercises for belly slimming

Strap can run in standard form, but there are varieties of this useful exercises for slimming the abdomen. Try the most effective ones. First – stand at the elbows to press, which is:

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  1. Click on his half of the place roomier and take lying position.
  2. Then take the push-up position, bending at the elbows.
  3. Pull the body from head to toe in a straight line.
  4. Achieve a stable position when the body is supported only by forearms and toes.
  5. Straining the abdominal muscles, stay in this position as you can.

Powerful classic bar for weight loss is a side option when points less, only 2. How to accomplish the following:

  1. Lie on the side from which you want to start the exercise.
  2. Elbow set strictly in line shoulder to angle was straight.
  3. Another hand put on thigh.
  4. Climb above the floor, tighten your abdominal muscles.
  5. Straighten the body in a line as if you were the diagonal joining the corners of the rectangle.
  6. For the first time, it is recommended to stay in this position for at least 30 seconds. Then you can increase the time.
  7. For the other side repeat the same points.

Static exercises

Perform static exercises involve the body's red muscle fibers, which efficiently cope with the fat, because I take them for energy. This gym is not at full strength, the opposite of strength training are forced to work for white muscle, the function of which is the development of strength and growth. For this reason, static exercises are more effective in the fight against fat, but power should not be ignored – the complex and the other will help you lose weight even faster.

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For the back

If the posture is beautiful and strong, and the belly to stick out less, so special attention is given spinal muscular frame, which will help strengthen the following static exercises for the back:

  1. "Boat". Take position lie on stomach, arms straight forward or fold behind his head. Gently bending his back, trying to pull up his hand. Repeat these deflections up to 8 times.
  2. "Hips up". Lie on your back, hands can leave along the body or dissolve in the parties. Bend at the knees feet. Gradually lift your hips off the floor to stand straight up in a straight line. Hang on a minute. In addition to the back you train your buttocks and abdomen.
  3. "A plank with straight arms". The position for this exercise is similar to the classic version of the strap, only the hands should be straight as if you are preparing to do push-UPS, but her hands strictly under the elbows. Should form a right angle between your hands and the floor. Complete as possible, preferably 2-3 sets.


Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, are not limited to 2 types of strap, although it has a few more varieties, to load the press more. Try a few efficient:

    Parte in tabula ad torcular cum multiplicitate
  1. "Six inches". Take supine position. Keep legs straight, hands leave me laying on the sides. Without jerking, lift the heel to a height of about 15 cm. Try not to lose this position for about 30 seconds. Make up to 8 approaches.
  2. "Side plank crunches with a complication". Take the classic position for the side plank. Tear off the floor and with the lift arm and a leg that you do not rely. Linger as long as possible. On the other side repeat the same steps.
  3. "The strap and raised leg". This exercise is also reduces the bearing area. The source position as for the standard plank, only when you hold position you need to tear off the floor leg so she continued straight line of the body. Withstand as possible and immediately repeat for the other leg.