Application of the method involves wrapping multiple layers of film material, which creates a greenhouse effect. The speed of the processes in the upper layers of the skin increases, excess fluid along with toxins. It must be emphasized that the body loses moisture, but not fat. For greater effect, wrapping film for weight loss performed after preparation of the skin, and also use various additional means of directed action.


Area coverage distinguish full (entire body) and partial (zone of special attention) wrap.

The second type of classification implies the division into cold and hot method:

  • in hot packs, the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, increasing blood flow and acceleration of exchange processes. Contraindications to its performance are: pregnancy, varicose veins, dermatological disease of any nature, problems with the kidneys and from the cardiovascular system;
  • cold application leads to vasoconstriction. The temperature decrease acts tones the skin, strengthens blood vessels, accelerates the excretion of toxic substances by the organs of the excretory system. Do not use for stomach chronic gynecological diseases.

For use in the home better to stay on a cold variant of the procedure. Hot method in the absence of contraindications it is reasonable to perform in a specialized compartment.



To perform the procedure at home need to take care of everything that you may need:

  • cotton cloth of the required size;
  • food film;
  • warming clothing or blanket;
  • components for preparation of the mixture;
  • funds to enhance the action.

The convenience of treatments at home, allows you to simultaneously wrap perform household chores, watching TV or simply lie back with a book on the couch. The duration is 30-40 minutes. Pre-prepare the skin:

  • massage movements is applied scrub. Suitable product from the store or home-made (example: ground coffee, oatmeal, etc.). These actions help the skin to reach the desired state: remove dead pieces of epidermis and open the pores to absorb nutrients. The rest of clean warm water;
  • in problem areas RUB the anti-cellulite cream;
  • wrap tightly with foil (but not tight) and insulation with clothing or blankets;
  • after the procedure is to have a good quarter of an hour in the bath with sea salt;
  • in conclusion, the skin dried with a towel and applied care (body cream, lotion, lotion).

To body wrap for weight loss passed with the best result one should not take food or drinks one hour before the procedure. The same need to survive and after its completion. You cannot perform waxing on this day. With a poor body condition would be wise to refrain from the procedure. To achieve sustainable results will require at least 15 sessions. First 5 is carried out every day, then after day.


During exercise in the home allowed to use this procedure. Applied to the body cream with cellulite, wrap with foil, put on suitable clothes and start exercising. It is important to ensure that the film is not sliding during action.


This option will appeal to many. It is important not to miss the most productive time of 22-24 hours. An hour before the appointed time make a mask. For this fit the following compositions:

  • honey (2 tbsp) warmed in a water bath, add 5 drops of orange or lemon oil. The mixture is rubbed into the skin and cover with a film;
  • Apple cider vinegar combined with water in the ratio 1:1, moisten the problem areas and wrapped with a film;
  • for the stomach especially good composition on olive oil (2 tbsp) of orange essential oil (5 drops). Massage movements RUB the mixture into your skin and then wrap;
  • kelp is kept in warm water for softness, mixed with the same mass of clay and water adjusted to the desired state. In the finished tool add 3 drops of lemon oil, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. The mixture lubricate the problem area.

In the morning wash off under a warm shower and if necessary, apply the cream.


At home it is easy to prepare the compositions of the healthy and fragrant substances. They will increase the effectiveness of the wraps several times, will play the role of a caring and nutrient resources.

  • Oil of cinnamon. 3 tbsp olive oil required 15 drops of oil of cinnamon. The composition is heated before use in a water bath and rubbed into the skin. The top is covered with foil and insulated. After half an hour washed with warm water. The course lasts for one month for 4 sessions per week.
  • Cinnamon and honey. Honey (4 tbsp) is brought to a liquid state in a water bath, stir in 1 tsp. of cinnamon. Treat the skin and apply film material. Procedure time 40 minutes. Performed every other day for one month.
  • Clay. For the preparation of a slurry suitable water. It added cinnamon (3 tablespoons) and mix until smooth. This mixture gives a good result for the glutes, hips and legs. The exposure time of half an hour. The regularity of treatments — 10 times a month.
  • Med. Pure honey has the amazing ability to release the body from harmful substances. The particles penetrate deep into the skin, delivering vitamins and minerals. Previously it was kept in a water bath until reaching a temperature of 38 ± 2C. On the skin applied the honey, wrapped with foil and leave for exposure for 60-90 minutes.
  • The mustard powder. The mixture consists of equal quantities of honey and mustard powder. If the consistency is too thick add water, but it is better to use olive oil. Duration 40 minutes.
  • Hot red pepper flakes. Depending on the sensitivity threshold to a tablespoon of liquid honey take from half to a whole teaspoon of ground pepper. Reasonable first procedure to carry out with a minimum concentration of the active substance. This will help to understand its capabilities. In addition to the mixture add a teaspoon of oil (example: olive, sea buckthorn, jojoba, etc.). The composition is ready for application. The exposure time of a quarter of an hour, regularity — every three days. If the skin is very tender, the spicy pepper can be replaced with ginger powder.


As with any method of exposure wraps have positive aspects and disadvantages. The advantages are:

  • simple and accessible procedure;
  • the possibility of using funds from a home Arsenal;
  • execution in time;
  • getting a good result;
  • the improvement of the skin.

Disadvantages are: high probability of loss of moisture, which is necessary for the functioning of the body, failure to comply with the rules of procedure there is the possibility of irritation. Therefore, it is important to follow the recipe when creating mixes.

Those who have already completed wraps at home, can boast of positive results. However, without changing the mode and composition of nutrition, regular exercise, massage effect will be negligible. Only a comprehensive approach will yield the desired results.