Weight loss program in the abdominal area. How fast to lose weight and gain waist

Exercise, proper diet, diet is only part of the components on the way to a beautiful belly. To achieve the perfect flat stomach you have to work hard.

Pondus damnum progressio

For quick results it is necessary to take itself in hands, to tune in to hard work and perform a full program of weight loss in the abdominal area, described in our article. After passing all 10 steps, you'll be proud of yourself and slim the waist!

Effective exercises for weight loss stomach

The basis for weight loss in the abdominal area is physical activity. They will make the relief on the abdomen more pronounced and will form a beautiful press.

Exercises that will strengthen the abdominal muscles shown in the table.

Exercise What muscles work How to perform the exercise
"Bicycle" One of the most simple exercises that will help strengthen the transverse muscle press Lie on your back, arms stretched along the body. Legs should be raised to 40-45%. Start "turn the wheel" alternately lowered his feet to the floor. It is important not to take the lower back off the floor and the exercise will be ineffective.
"Scissors" Transverse muscle the press and internal oblique muscles Position – horizontal, arms extended along the edges of the body. Leg raise at 40% and start to breed them in hand. Then return to the starting position.
Leg raises with weights Transverse abdominis Lie down on the Mat. Hands can hold on to the edge of the Mat. Feet to hang weights or hold a dumbbell legs. And begin to lift your legs to a right angle. Exercise is done to burning sensation in the muscles.
The lifting and lowering of the torso Direct muscle The most common exercise. Body position – horizontal, legs bent at the knees, hands linked behind his head. It is necessary that the feet were fixed, so it is better to perform it with a partner. Lift the body until the knees touch the chest and return to starting position.
Strap All the abdominal muscles Take position for push-UPS, and then descend to the elbows. The trunk is straight without sagging in the back or elevations of the pelvis. In this position, wait 40 seconds.
Twisting The internal oblique muscles Take a horizontal position. Both hands are connected behind his head, legs bent at the knees. Tighten your stomach and slowly lift the torso. To do to burning.
Elevation of the legs The internal oblique muscles and video muscle Lying on a Mat, put your hands down at your sides. Lift with your legs, then try to tear off the buttocks from the Mat. Hold this position for a few moments and return to the starting position.
Lateral twisting The internal oblique muscles In a horizontal position, bend your legs, feet positioned shoulder width apart. Hands in the lock on the neck. And try to get the right shoulder to the left knee and Vice versa. To do a minimum of 15 times.

Each exercise affects a particular group of muscles, which allows to achieve different results.


Such exercises with various kinds of excellent twists strengthen the abdominal muscles and also to pump the side abdominal muscles, which will make the waist more slim.

Fit bol

Exercitia in fitball

Another effective form of exercise – training on the fit ball.

In addition, this kind of exercise involves several parts of the body: back, abs, hips. So, this kind of exercise is not only efficient, but also more difficult.

Exercises on fit ball:
  • Twisting: buttocks position on the ball, feet parallel to each other. Gradually descend to fit the bol was only the back. Raise your hands behind your head and slowly start to do twisting. Do 3 sets of 15 times.
  • Passing the ball: lie on your stomach, fit ball hold between legs. Start to stretch hands to feet and try to pass the ball in his hands. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Roll out of fit ball: the ball lies in front of you, stand behind him on his knees, hands on the ball. Start to roll the ball myself, as the legs will be spread apart at the knees, and his hands will be stretched over the fit ball. Do 10 reps, 3-4 approach.

Such exercises are very effective for weight loss in the abdominal area, and allow you to stretch the internal muscles that allow the stomach to catch up.

A large part of the exercise focused on performing them in the hall. But what if it is not possible to visit the hall. Especially for this there are sets of exercises that are easily performed at home.

Exercise How to perform
Wiggle toes In a horizontal position, put your hands behind your back and raise your legs bent at an angle of 90 degrees. Socks must be drawn. Upper back off the floor. Lower one leg to the floor until you touch the floor. Then back to the original position and the same with the other leg.
Leg lifts Lie down on your stomach. Hands bend at the elbows. Socks rest against the floor. Lift your upper body off the floor and stretch it straight. The back is not bowing! Adopt the original position, then repeat 15 times.
Circular footwork In a horizontal position, raise the legs to 30%. Keep your hands on the edge of the rug. And start to rotate the feet, first right, then left (5 times for each side).

These classes are great to strengthen the press and do not require any special equipment, and therefore perfectly suited for performing at home.

A balanced diet

Now to the most important stage in weight loss in the abdominal area – nutrition. Because 70% of the success will depend on this.

Multiple scientific studies have repeatedly confirmed that exercise is important for health, but do not play such an important role it for weight loss.

So, if you want to remove extra weight – we need to work on the things that are included in the diet.

Please note! The most important step is to eliminate foods that are high in calories!

This category includes:
  • Meat and fish products: any fatty meat, both animals and birds, sausage, bacon, oily fish;
  • Dairy products: cream, heavy cream, hard and very salty cheese, butter;
  • Bakery products: pastries, pasta without durum wheat, yeast products, puff products;
  • Any kinds of sweets;
  • Drinks: sodas, alcohol, sugary drinks, coffee;
  • Fast food;
  • Ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • Nuts and oils: any seeds, vegetable oil.

Exclude from the diet of the above foods, you greatly reduced your calorie intake, so the extra pounds will go away.

It is important to remember! With any diet it is important to prevent starvation. The body should be only a small deficit in calories, otherwise it may lead to deteriorating health and gradual weight gain.