How to achieve a flat stomach in 1 month? — 3 tricks

Tighten the belly is not easy, but if you wish to do this for only one month. There is no need to exhaust yourself with strict diets and starvation. The main thing — to approach the problem comprehensively: to eat right and exercise.

1. Diet for a flat stomach

If you want a beautiful belly, you will have to adjust their eating behavior. To starve yourself and to follow a low carbohydrate diet is impossible. They allow you to quickly reduce weight, but have to pay for it folds of excess skin, black eyes, a sallow complexion and poor health.

Flat venter

The main principles of the diet for a flat stomach — healthy and nutritious food plus the feeling of satiety. When selecting a diet is to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Fractional power. There is a need in small portions at intervals of 3-4 hours.
  2. Avoiding harmful drinks. Sweet soda and alcohol are banned.
  3. Avoiding sweets. Sugar containing foods can be replaced with dried fruit.
  4. Light dinner. In the evening and just use natural yogurt or fresh Apple.
  5. Drinking regime. Daily intake of water of 1.5 L.

At observance of this diet the body will not experience stress, but will get the nutrition needed. You will accelerate the metabolism, and fats will breakdown faster. As a result, you will achieve a persistent effect: after returning to normal diet the weight will not return.

2. Exercises for a beautiful press

Through proper nutrition the breakdown of body fat. However the abdomen won't look toned if your muscles will remain weak. Therefore, it is important to combine diet with exercise. They will help strengthen the press and the acceleration of metabolism. In the end, where once was fat appear muscle mass.

Need to train about three times a week, performing each exercise in 3 sets of 15-30 times. During training follow the breath: inhale through the nose, out through your mouth.

Effective the following exercises:

  1. Twisting. Performed from a prone position. Legs bent at the knees, hands behind his head, elbows divorced in hand. Breathing in, lift your body off the floor and reach for the knees. Exhaling, again lie back.
  2. Diagonal twisting. Original position — the same. Place right foot on left knee. Breathing in, lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor, trying to reach your left elbow to the right leg. On the exhale, again lie on your back. Change the leg and repeat the exercise.
Exercitia pulchra press

3. Invisible gymnastics every day

The following set of exercises you can perform at work, on walks, in cafes and any other public place. The surrounding will not even notice that you're exercising.

Do "invisible" exercises every day at a convenient time, and soon you will notice changes in your stomach:

  1. Contract the abdomen on the inhale and contract on the exhale.
  2. Massage the tummy in a circle clockwise.
  3. Pull the stomach, trying longer to hold it in this position.
  4. Keep your back straight. When you are hunched, my stomach looks bigger.

Adhering to recommendations on diet and doing exercises for the abs, you tighten the belly in just 1 month. At the same time disappear problems with digestion, improve the complexion, fade dark circles under eyes. You will return to your confidence and your appearance.