Morning exercise for weight loss

Some people have simply resigned to this state of things and lives, as necessary.

Others start to actively fight for their health and a beautiful figure. To this end, the people recorded in gyms, go on diets, exercise alone.

This approach yields some results but most often they are small – because the quality of combating obesity requires a comprehensive approach. Only an effective combination of proper nutrition and exercise can save you from problems with overweight for a long time and in minimum time.

Moreover, under the physical activity means not only regular workouts at the gym, at the stadium or at home.

Most people, from the struggle with excess weight, unjustly overlooked such an important element of maintaining health and body tone, as morning exercise, which provided the regularity of its performance is comparable to the effectiveness of weight loss with full training.

bonum mane exercitium

It morning exercise of the subject of our today's article we will tell you what a positive influence a quick morning exercise on the human body, how to perform morning exercises, and also give you a good morning exercise, which can charge you with energy for the whole day.

The essence and benefits of morning exercise

Morning exercise is not practice in the usual sense of the word. The main goal of morning exercise is to awaken the body from sleep and prepare them for active work during the day.

Effective morning exercise activates the processes of blood circulation, metabolism, and allows you to saturate the body cells with oxygen, which creates a feeling of cheerfulness. In addition, morning exercises help to release into the blood of endorphins – the hormones of joy, which due to the boost added a good mood for the whole day.

Many people today there is no possibility to exercise regularly, and for them the morning exercise can be an effective way to keep the body in good shape.

Regular light morning exercise brings to the body a great favor:

  • Physical exercise immediately after sleeping most effectively burns body fat, because at that time in the body there is a minimal amount of glycogen.
  • Gentle exercise in the morning will help to accelerate the metabolism, and therefore, will contribute to better digestion and a more rapid saturation of the organism, which ultimately will contribute to the effective getting rid of problems with excessive fat deposits.
  • One of the important components of morning exercises – breathing deeply and evenly. It helps to saturate body cells with oxygen and, therefore, activates the oxidation of fat cells and burning them.
  • The release of endorphins in the blood promotes good mood, and reduces susceptibility to stress and negative emotions.
Iusto euismod

Disadvantages of morning exercise almost does not matter. Its only drawback may be considered that the shortage of time in the morning, you will probably have to get up half an hour early to spend the morning exercises.

Click to read the terms of advertising Has morning exercise, and contraindications to implement it is recommended to people of any age and level of physical health. The only thing worth paying attention is the proper selection of individual complex of exercises for each student.

How to do morning exercises at home

For your morning exercise was effective for weight loss and good for the body in General, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Regularity – in order to see the effect of morning exercises, takes time, and practice is required every day, without breaks. As practice shows, the most difficult to keep track of the first three weeks of classes. Then morning exercise will become and integral part of the morning.
  • Exercise system for charging should include the maximum variety of exercises for all muscle groups. The exercises should be done easily, and not to expose your body to severe stress.
  • Charging is performed on an empty stomach – this achieves its maximum efficiency. All exercises should be performed smoothly without sudden movements.
  • Morning exercise should give a feeling of cheerfulness and energy, not fatigue and pain in overworked muscles. So try to regulate the load level, thus, to avoid unpleasant sensations.
  • To eat after charging is possible not earlier than in a quarter of an hour after its completion.

Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of morning exercise

To get the most from the implementation of morning exercises, follow these guidelines:

Præcipiens fit ieiunus
  • Correct morning exercise starts with the right arousal from sleep. Scientists do not recommend waking up in the alarm, as the sharp sound, bringing you out of sleep, cause negative emotions and stress. However, in the modern realities to implement this recommendation is hard enough, so waking up at the clock, smile and mentally tell yourself that you will be a great day.
  • Do not just rush to perform active complex morning exercises. Allow the body to adjust to the morning stress. Those who previously did not exercise the first couple of weeks can perform morning exercises in bed, lying down.
  • Don't overdo it with the charging time – the full range, starting with waking up in bed to the end of the charge should not occupy more than 25 minutes. The optimal duration of the active parts is charging – 15 minutes.
  • If the weather is conducive, try to perform exercises on the street. If this is not possible, try to engage in a well-ventilated area.
  • Effectiveness of exercises will be the use of music for morning exercises.

Complex of morning exercises for health

Though charging and is not practice in the full sense of the word, it should start the same as any physical training with warm-up. In the case of morning exercises warm-up going straight to bed right after you Wake up. To do this:

  • First, smile and imagine all the good that can await you on this day.
  • Not getting out of bed, stretch your arms over your head and stretch. Feel like starting to work your muscles after a night of rest.
  • Lying on the bed, bend your knees, hands behind your head. Start doing leg movements that simulate pedaling during Cycling. "Pedal" for one minute.
  • alley do 10 max straight arms along the body.
  • Sit on the bed. Stretch the body to the feet, trying to reach hands to toes. Feel the stretch the back muscles and hands.

You can then begin to implement the main complex of exercises. We show you some simple exercises for all muscle groups of the body, which combined, you will be able to choose for themselves the best set of exercises for morning exercises.

Exercises for the neck

Exercise # 1

Perform the head tilts forward, backward, left and right. Slopes do slow, trying to feel the stretch neck muscles. Run 4 laps of repetitions of bending in each direction.

try facere exercitia in platea Exercise # 2

Follow the circular rotation of the head for 4 full turns to the left and right side. Momentum run smoothly, without sudden movements.

Exercises for arms and back

Exercise # 1

Run a series of circular rotations of the hands in the shoulder and then elbow joints, and 10 spins in the left and right sides. Next interlock your palms to the castle and draw a series of circular rotations to brush the joints.

Exercise # 2

Alternately: one arm goes forward, the second backward, then dilute hand in hand. Do not forget to keep your posture. Mahi repeat 15-20 times on each hand.

Exercise # 3

Take the following position: one hand on the belt, the other up, back straight, legs shoulder width apart. Run a series of trunk bending forward, backward, left and right – 10 bends in each direction.

Exercise # 4

Remaining in the position of the previous exercise, perform a series of circular rotations of the pelvis left and right for 10 spins.

Exercise for stomach and sides

Exercise # 1

Within 30 seconds imitate walking on the spot. Knees please try to raise as high as possible. You should breathe deeply and methodically – 4 steps on the inhale and 4 on exhale.

Exercise # 2

Take supine position. From this position, lift the straight leg up till the formation of a right angle with the body. A second freeze in this position, then lower your legs back to the floor. Perform 10 climbs.

Exercises for legs and buttocks

Exercise # 1

Return to the standing position. Hands put on the belt. From this position, do alternating lunges feet first. In the position of the attack linger for 1-2 seconds. Perform 10 lunges on each leg.

Exercise # 2

While in the standing position, put your weight on one leg. Hands on his belt. Take the other leg far back as possible, trying not to lean forward. Hold in position for 1-2 seconds, then return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the other leg. Follow these 10 leads with both feet.

Additionally, for a morning exercise, you can use other similar simple exercises. The main thing – do not overdo it with the load and evenly distribute it on all muscle groups.

To complete morning exercises are best performing series to pull all parts of the body – this will relax the muscles.